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Creating pickup for your Lightspeed eCom

This article is for Lightspeed Retail POS (X-Series) merchants who have Lightspeed eCom (E-Series) included in their subscription plan. To learn more about Retail POS (X-Series), check out the X-Series Help Center.

As a Lightspeed Retail POS merchant with physical brick-and-mortar stores, you can offer your outlets as pickup points for customers who prefer to shop online and then pick up in store. Pickup locations display at checkout for all physical products, along with other shipping options you’ve created.

For each outlet connected to your Lightspeed eCom you can create a pickup, enhancing the convenience for shoppers and making it easier for them to place orders. 

Providing the Buy Online Pickup In Store option (BOPIS) to your clients helps you to save on shipping expenses, diversify your shipping methods, and retain clients by blending their online and in-store shopping experiences, offering a more integrated and convenient way to shop.

Creating pickup methods for your Lightspeed eCom (E-Series)

You can create one or several local pickup options (also called “Сlick and collect”) to offer customers pick up their orders in person. Each pickup option is associated with a particular outlet, so to offer a pickup in a particular location, you have to connect it to your Lightspeed eCom, and then create a pickup for it.

When you offer several outlets as pickup points, they are automatically sorted at checkout by proximity to the customers so that the nearest one is pre-selected by default. This creates a better shopping experience as customers don’t have to scroll through the list of pickup locations to find the closest one.

When you have connected several outlets to your eCom, you may want to learn more about delivery rules in your store.

Watch this short video on how to set up pickup, or read the detailed instructions below:

To create a pickup option for your Lightspeed eCom store:

  1. From your Retail POS, navigate to Online → Settings → Shipping & Pickup.
  2. Scroll to Self Pickup and click + Add Pickup.

    Creating pickup for Lightspeed eCom

  3. In the Outlet associated with this pickup option dropdown, select an outlet for this pickup option. It will appear at checkout, and customers can choose it for pickup.
  4. (optional) Enter any detailed instructions for customers.
  5. (optional) In the Pickup charge field, add an extra charge for pickup. The amount will be added to the order total at checkout.
  6. (optional) Turn on the Ask for pickup date and time at checkout toggle to allow shoppers to specify a time for the pickup. You can set available times for pickup, customize your order fulfillment time, choose a pickup range, and add blackout periods for pickup:

    Creating pickup for Lightspeed eCom 2.png

  7. Click Save.
  8. (If you connected several outlets to your eCom) Scroll down and click Outlets’ availability for pickup and local delivery. Specify if you want to limit the choice of pickup locations at checkout based on inventory availability. When you restrict pickup locations, customers will be prompted to remove out-of-stock items from their cart or select a pickup/delivery method connected to outlets with available stock. Otherwise, people will be able to order out of stock items and you will have to transfer goods between outlets.

That’s it. Now, your shoppers can choose to pick up their order from one of your locations. To create more pickup points, repeat the steps above.

Setting up date and time picker in Lightspeed eCom (E-Series)

You can enable the date and time picker for your local pickup. That way, your customers will have to choose a convenient date and time for pickup to complete their purchase.

Having the date picker in your store comes in handy when you don’t restrict pickup locations in your store, offering customers to choose any outlet for pickup, disregarding the actual stock level. To keep up with this behavior, you may need time to transfer out-of-stock products between outlets. You can specify this fulfillment time during the date picker setup.

For example, you run a bike store and receive an order for a bike model that a customer wants to pick up in store A. That model is not in store A, but in store B on the other side of the city. You need at least one day to deliver it to store A. So you specify your order fulfillment time to 1 day. After that, the earliest pickup time your customers can select at checkout is the next day. And if you manage to prepare an order faster than your specified fulfillment time, you can notify customers about their order being ready for pick up.

What is more, pickup date and time picker takes into account your business hours, so customers won’t be able to select a time for pickup when your store is closed.

To set up the date and time picker for pickup in Lightspeed eCom:

  1. Navigate to Online → Settings → Shipping & Pickup.
  2. Choose a pickup option you want to edit or create a new one.
  3. Scroll down and turn on the Ask for pickup date and time at checkout toggle.
  4. Set business hours for the outlet. Customers won’t be able to select time when your store is closed.
  5. In the Order fulfillment time dropdown, specify how long it takes to fulfill the order. For example, if you set it to 1 hour, customers will be able to select only a time slot that is at least 1 hour away from the time of the order. If you are ready to hand in the order the same moment it is placed, choose “Immediate”.
  6. (optional) In the Allow choosing delivery date within, specify the maximum possible delivery date that your customers can choose in the date picker. If you are not sure an item will be in stock in a month, you can set a restriction so that customers can make an order no later than the date you pick. You can limit delivery to a month, 3 months, 6 months, or a year.
  7. (optional) In the Blackout dates section, click + Add Blackout Date or Date Range to set up specific dates when your store doesn’t work, so customers won’t be able to choose these dates for pickup. To repeat blackout dates every year, tick the Repeat every year checkbox.
  8. Click Save.

Now, when your customers choose to pick up their order at the checkout, they can select the preferable day and time according to your business hours and order fulfillment time.

You will know what day and time the customer has selected for pickup from the email notification you receive for each order.

The pickup time also appears in your Lightspeed eCom mobile app in the Orders tab. To download the app, open your eCom admin (go to Online → Overview → Go to eCom). In the left-hand side menu, choose Mobile and click Get the app to download the app.

When you have a lot of local delivery orders, you can create a schedule of upcoming orders in your calendar. That way, it's easier for you to manage and fulfil orders.

Informing customers when their order is ready for pickup in Lightspeed eCom (E-Series)

When customers purchase your brand online, they get an email with information about the items, total, your store address, and pickup date and time (if you ask for date and time at checkout). You also receive an email about a new order and need to fulfill the order. Depending on your business, it may take from several hours to several days.

Once all the items in the order are ready for pickup, you can inform customers about that. For example, you may want to inform the shopper that their order is ready for pickup if you’ve fulfilled it prior to the pickup date.

To notify customers about the ready order, you need to change the order’s status in your eCom admin. Your eCom orders have their own list of statuses like Awaiting Processing, Ready for Pickup, etc. When you change the online order status, your customers get an automated notification to the email they specified during the checkout. Alternatively, you can manually send an email about their order being ready for pickup.

To learn more about notifications in your Lightspeed eCom, refer to the Notification section in the E-Series Help Center.

To notify customers about their order being ready for pickup:

  1. From your Retail POS, navigate to Online → Overview → Go to eCom to open eCom admin.
  2. In the eCom admin, go to My sales → Orders
  3. Locate the order, click on the status dropdown and select a new fulfillment status Ready for pickup:

    change status.gif

Once you change the order status, your customer will receive an email that their order is ready for pickup. The email contains information about the pickup address, business hours, purchased items, and total.

Changing a location of an existing pickup option

After you set up a pickup method, you can change its location to any other outlet’s location. For example, you have three stores on West, East, and North streets. You set up a pickup option for the West St. store, but now you want to change it to the North St. It can be done in a few clicks.

Alternatively, you can create several pickup options for different outlets.

To connect another outlet to the existing pickup option:

  1. Navigate to Online → Settings.
  2. Locate the pickup option you wish to assign a location to.
  3. Click Actions → Edit:

    Creating pickup for Lightspeed eCom 10.png

  4. In the Outlet associated with this pickup option, select another outlet for this pickup option. It will appear at checkout, and customers can choose it for pick up.
  5. Click Save.

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