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PayPal Here

PayPal Here will be discontinued by PayPal on September 30, 2023.

Process orders in seconds and get paid on markets, fairs, pop-up shops or anywhere you like. With Ecwid’s Sell on the Go app and PayPal Here mobile Point of sale you can easily manage your store on-the-go and accept credit or debit cards, mobile and cash payments and send invoices to your customers.

PayPal Here mPOS includes free PayPal Here app and a card reader. The app is integrated with the Sell on the Go app for use on iPhones and iPads. This solution gives your business flexibility to sell wherever and whenever you want. And not to worry about inventory control. Sell on the Go app is instantly synced with your product catalog in Ecwid. So all order and inventory changes made through the app are immediately synchronized with your online store. If you sell out of an item offline your store will reflect that right away and get automatically updated.


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PayPal Here is available for merchants from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Canada.

Getting started

To start accepting payments offline with PayPal Here while keeping in sync orders and inventory with your Ecwid online store:

  1. Download the Sell on the Go app by Ecwid onto your Apple device.
  2. Install the PayPal Here: Point of Sale app and set up your business profile with PayPal.
  3. Order the PayPal card reader which allows your business to take payments in person in your country and is compatible with your mobile device.

    You can choose out of several types of PayPal card readers depending on your business needs:
    • Mobile Card Reader. This reader allows you to accept credit and debit magnetic strip cards. It connects to your smartphone or tablet through the audio jack.
    • Chip and Tap Reader (or Chip and Tap Bundle). Accepts EMV chip cards, contactless/NFC-enabled mobile phone payments like Apple Pay, and traditional magnetic stripe credit and debit cards. Connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.
    • Chip Card Reader. Accepts EMV chip cards, contactless/NFC-enabled mobile phone payments like Apple Pay, and traditional magnetic-stripe credit and debit cards.
  4. Pair your device to your card reader. Watch the PayPal’s set-up video to learn more about pairing devices.

Once everything is ready, you can start accepting credit card payments in the Sell on the Go app wherever you want.

Processing orders with PayPal Here

To receive payments through PayPal Here when selling in person:

  1. In the Sell on the Go app on your mobile device, choose a product or products that you need to accept in-person payments for.
  2. You will then see an option to charge your customer with PayPal Here:


  3. Tap PayPal Here and you will be connected and redirected to PayPal Here app, where you can choose how you want to accept the payment:


  4. Tap, insert or swipe customer’s card depending on the card type and type of the card reader you use. You also have an option to manually enter customer’s card number, accept cash or send an invoice.
    Besides, your customers can use Apple Pay to pay you on the spot with their mobile devices. Apple Pay is available for certain types of readers including Chip and Tap Reader (and Chip and Tap Bunder) and Chip Card Reader.

After taking the order you will be redirected to Sell on the Go app and see one of the following screens. This is what a successful order looks like:


Below is an example of an unsuccessful order:


Unsuccessful order attempts made via PayPal Here are not recorded anywhere in Ecwid.

Sometimes the app may ask you to confirm the result of PayPal Here transaction. If the transaction was successful and you receive the money, tap Confirm. In that case a new order is created. If you didn’t receive payment, tap Cancel and try again.


Ecwid don’t charge any transaction fees for processing payments but PayPal have processing costs. Here you can see, for example, what are PayPal’s payment processing costs for USA, Australia and UK.
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