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PayPal Here is a payment solution integrated to Ecwid iPhone app which allows to accept credit card reader payments at your point of sale. The payment solution is available for you merchant from the US and the UK.

The supported devices

The card reader connected via bluetooth (Chip Card Reader). It allows to accepts payments with magnetic stripe, chip card, for the UK it also supports contactless, and Apple Pay. Connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

The Mobile Card Reader. It allows to accept credit and debit magnetic stripe cards. Connects to your smartphone or tablet’s audio jack.

How to setup

How to connect

Connect your PayPal account. You will be redirected to PayPal US or PayPal UK landing page depending on your location.


Agree to use this account to process POS payments (only for PPHere US)


Please check the screenshots below.


How to process orders

Once PayPal Here is connected, you can start accepting payments. Add a product, enter the payment amount — there is going to be an option to pay via a card on the Create order screen. On the first screenshot you can see the interface for a UK account using bluetooth Chip Card Reader:

The second screenshot shows a UK account interface with Mobile Card Reader connected:

At this point you can swipe the card to make a payment. If you are using a bluetooth Chip Card Reader you can swipe, insert or tap the card, depending on the card type. The reader will show you the tips for correct card processing.

Merchants from the US also have an option to manually enter CC details under “Card charge”.

This is what a successful order looks like (for both UK and US users):

And this is an unsuccessful order (the interface is the same for both the UK and the US accounts and for both devices):

First comes the error message:

Next the PayPal page:

And finally the Ecwid page: 

Unsuccessful orders made via PayPal Here are not recorded anywhere in Ecwid.


How to enable PayPal Here in your PayPal account

Log in to

Click the "Switch to the new PayPal" link, next to the search bar on the top right.

Then once in the new experience, click the PayPal Here button on the left.

Now you can make changes quickly and easily, all from your desktop.


Do I need to download PayPal Here App to use it with Ecwid?


No, you don't. Ecwid App with connected PayPal Here account is enough.


Can I use Apple Pay?

At the moment payment via Apple Pay is available for the UK merchants who use PayPal Here with Ecwid iOS App.

About Ecwid iOS App and PayPal Here

Ecwid iPhone app integrated with PayPal Here credit card reader.

The App allows creating new orders right through the app interface. The orders are registered in the app and your Ecwid control panel. The following payment options are available:

- Cash. Get cash from your customer, enter required amount, and create an order. Available for all merchants.

- Credit card, manual processing and Swipe (using the PayPal card reader).

Credit card is included into PayPal Here solution. Note that PayPal Here is currently offered only to US merchants.

- How to install the app

- Download the App in iTunes

- Sign in to your Ecwid account

Connect the app to PayPal Here: go to 'Settings' and click 'Connect to PayPal Here'. Login to your PayPal account or register a new one. NOTE: Your PP account should be a Business or Premier account.

With what platforms will it work? 

The app is designed for and fully compatible with iPhone (iPhone 3GS and later) and iPod. It is also available on iPad in Compatibility Mode (running iOS version 5.0 and later).

What PayPal account do I need?

PayPal Premier or Business account will be required. If you create a new PayPal account while connecting your app to PayPal Here, you will receive Premier or Business.

Note that PayPal Here is available only to US and UK merchants at present.

Is it free?

Ecwid app for iPhone uses Ecwid API which is available in Ecwid paid plans. You should be subscribed to any of our plans starting from Venture. No other charges are applied.

Great news — we have two weeks of free trial for new Ecwid app users!

PayPal does not charge a subscription fee for the use of mobile POS; however, transaction fees apply.

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