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With the PayPal Here reader, you can accept credit card payments anywhere including markets, fairs, and pop-up shops. The PayPal Here mPOS is integrated with the Ecwid E-commerce mobile app and Sell on the Go app for use on iPhones and iPads. Orders processed through PayPal Here and Sell on the Go will appear in your Ecwid control panel, and inventory in your online store will be automatically updated.

PayPal Here is available for merchants from the US and the UK only.

PayPal Here supported devices

Ecwid mobile apps support two types of card readers:


  • The Chip Card Reader. This reader allows you to accept payments with a magnetic strip credit card or a chip card. It also supports contactless credit cards and Apple Pay in the UK only. The Chip Card Reader connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.
  • The Mobile Card Reader. This reader allows you to accept credit and debit magnetic strip cards. It connects to your smartphone or tablet through the audio jack.

Setting up PayPal Here in Ecwid

  1. Install the PayPal Here app on your smartphone to process credit card payments.
  2. Open the Sell on the Go app.
  3. Connect PayPal Here by logging into your PayPal account. You will be redirected to the PayPal US or PayPal UK landing page depending on your location. Create a new account, if you don’t already have one.


You must have a PayPal Business or Premier account. Create a new account, if you don’t already have one at
  1. Select Agree to start using your account to process POS payments (US only) through Ecwid On the Go app, and you’re done!


Once everything is ready, you can start accepting payments in the Sell on the Go mobile app.

Processing orders with PayPal Here

In the Sell on the Go app, choose a product or products and then enter the payment amount. You will then be given an option to charge with a credit card. See the screenshot of the interface using both the Bluetooth Chip Card Reader and the Mobile Card Reader below:


At this point, you can swipe the card to process a payment. If you are using a Bluetooth Chip Card Reader you can swipe, insert, or tap depending on the card type. The reader will show you tips for how to correctly process the card.

Merchants from the US also have an option to manually enter CC details under the “Card charge” heading.

This is what a successful order looks like (for both UK and US users):


Below is an example of an unsuccessful order (the interface is the same for both devices and for the UK and the US accounts):


Unsuccessful orders made via PayPal Here are not recorded anywhere in Ecwid.


Can I use Apple Pay?

At the moment Apple Pay is only available for the UK merchants who use PayPal Here with Ecwid iOS App.

What PayPal account do I need?

You must have a PayPal Premier or Business account. If you create a new PayPal account when connecting your app to PayPal Here, you will receive a Premier or Business account.

PayPal Here is available only to US and UK merchants at present.
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