How to add Ecwid to GoDaddy Website Builder?

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Ecwid can be seamlessly added to any existing website, and of course to GoDaddy. All you need to do is grab Ecwid widget codes and publish them as HTML elements on your GoDaddy website page.

Where should I get Ecwid widget codes?

They are available right in your Control Panel in the Onboarding Wizard. Login to your Ecwid Control Panel and open Dashboard.

Find the step Create Store and select Yes, I have a website.


On the next screen choose Other platform and you will see the integration codes for all Ecwid widgets: Product Browser (Catalogue), Categories (Menu), Mini cart and Search box.


Copy the code you need and proceed to publishing it on your GoDaddy website page.

How should I publish Ecwid widget on my GoDaddy website?

You can add JavaScript and HTML code to your GoDaddy website to display custom page elements, such as Ecwid widgets.

Note: The below guide is applicable for GoDaddy Website Builder version 6. If you are using version 7, to our regret, it doesn’t allow to publish custom JavaScript or HTML code yet (see possible workarounds below).

From GoDaddy Website Builder version 6 Help.

1.Log in to your GoDaddy account.
2. In your Products list click Website Builder, and then click Manage next to the account you want to use.
3. Click Design Your Pages.
4. If necessary, from the Page menu, select the page that you want to modify.
5. Click the content block you want to edit, and then click the [<>] icon.
6. Enter the HTML code you want to use.
7. To ensure your HTML is formatted correctly, click Verify and Update HTML, and then click OK.
8. Click Publish in the upper right.


Workaround solution for GoDaddy Website Builder version 7 is installing your Ecwid store on Facebook and publishing a link to your Facebook page on your GoDaddy website. Also, you can always sell on Ecwid Starter Site and post a link to it on your GoDaddy website as well.







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