Boosting sales and building buyer confidence with social proof apps

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You must have noticed how people want to eat at a restaurant just because it's crowded. There is a way to create the same dynamic in your Ecwid store.

Leverage the power of social proof apps to show that your store is live and busy, increase the sales conversion rate, engage visitors and create a sense of trust to your business. There are several apps that you can choose from.


The application will turn your website into the online equivalent of a busy store. It allows to display recent customer behaviors to the store visitors in real-time, highlight customers who completed checkout.

Fomo easily integrates with Zapier, Mailchimp, Instagram, and other popular social apps to display recent orders, newsletter subscribers, product photos, and much more.


The app price is $19 USD / month with a free trial.


The app has a friendly interface where you can edit the content and style of notification templates and manage the events.

Events are basically notifications. Each time Ecwid sends data to Fomo, such as a customer's first name, or a new Instagram photo, this is turned into an event.


Templates allow you to create unique messages for group of events. Templates contain the structure of each event, but not the event content itself. The supported variables for building the message templates include {{ first_name }} , {{ city }} , {{ country }} , {{ title }} , {{ title_with_link }} , {{ time_ago }}.


Under Design tab you can edit display settings and theme styles. Please, refer to Fomo Knowledge Base article to learn more about the best display settings it provides.

If you still need more help, you can chat with Fomo team live on or send them an email.


When potential customers see that other people are buying from you, they feel more confident and are more likely to do the same.

The application can help you convert idle visitors into buyers by showing recent purchases in your store. The app has a clickable widget that takes users directly to the product page and helps speed up the buying process.


The app price is $9 USD / month with a free trial.


The app provides basic tools to customize the widget size, position, change the time format and max age of orders.

In your message, you can use variables that will be replaced with the values of the displayed order. Available template variables are {{first_name}}, {{last_name}}, {{last_initial}}, {{product_name}}, {{region}}, {{country}}, {{city}}, {{price}}.

You can also edit the notification colors and display settings to make them match the store design and seem more lifelike.

If you still need help with Flashy app, feel free to email the app vendor.

Social Proofs and Order Notifications by Assistantly

The application will be useful in creating a sense of trust among your visitors and turning them into paying customers. The app allows to display banners and notifications with key store metrics and show what has been recently bought in your store.

Easy customizable texts and styles, mobile optimized, tracking customer interactions - all you need to boost conversion and increase your sales.


The app price is $1.99 USD / month with a free trial.


The app has straightforward settings that let you adjust the notification texts with variables {first_name}, {city}, {country}, {product_name_with_link} and {product_name_without_link} and preview them in real time.

Under Settings and Design tab you can customize the display modes and delay options and set the notifications theme.

Analytics tab allows you to see how customers interact with the notifications in your store. You can check a total count of notifications shown per month, an average count notifications shown for one user per month, a total count of clicks per month and visual statistics for notifications and clicks per week or per month.

Banners tab includes basic tools for enabling animated banners with key metrics of your online store.

If you need more help with the app, you can send an email to the app developer.


The application will make your site live and buzzing with user activity by displaying beautiful notifications about recent orders on your website. The app provides various tools to help you leverage the idea of social proof.

You can make the notifications match the style of your website, check the analytics dashboard and connect with your Google Analytics account to measure the revenues you are getting.


The app price is from $9 USD to $29+ USD / month with a free trial.


The app dashboard is packed with essential features for adjusting the notifications content, styles and display options.

Notifications tab allows you to edit the notification texts using a simple WYSIWYG editor.

In Theme tab you can set the background, border, text and link colours and choose how your notification is shown - fade in, bounce in, genie effect.

In the Settings section you can manage the basic display settings and timings. You can choose where on the page your notifications will be shown, control when your notifications are displayed to the user, disable the notifications for all users or for mobile viewers if needed.

If you have any questions about the app, or would like help setting it up for your store, you can contact Crowdlever support via email

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