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NCR Silver is a point of sale software that allows owners of restaurants and retail businesses in the United States to turn an iPad or Android tablet into a fully-functional POS system. With NCR Silver you can accept physical credit and debit cards, manage employees, generate sales reports and much more. Ecwid and NCR Silver integrate seamlessly to synchronize online and offline orders, inventory and more.

What you get if you connect NCR Silver POS and Ecwid

  • All NCR Silver categories and products (product names, prices, variations and modifiers, stock levels) get imported to your Ecwid online store automatically, so there is no need to create them from scratch in Ecwid.
  • Product stock is synchronized, so if an item is sold in your brick and mortar store, the online store item stock will be updated and vice versa (For NCR Silver only. NCR Silver Pro does not track stock levels).
  • All orders done in your Ecwid store get submitted to your NCR Silver.
  • You can manually re-import categories and products from NCR Silver to your Ecwid store (just in case you need to start from scratch).

What you need to start

  • NCR Silver account - if you do not have one, you can register that at Please ask an NCR team member to activate API access for your NCR Silver account (in order to synchronize NCR Silver and Ecwid online store)
  • If you have an existing Ecwid account running on the Unlimited plan, please log in to your Ecwid control panel and go to Settings > POS page, click on Connect NCR Silver, install NCR Silver app and follow the connection instructions.

How to get started with NCR Silver and Ecwid

1. Go to your Ecwid Control Panel > Settings > NCR Silver POS 


2. Connect your Ecwid store to your NCR Silver POS system (categories and products from NCR Silver will be imported to the online store). To do it you need to know your Client ID and Client Secret for NCR Silver account. To get them follow the instructions below:

  • Contact NCR customer care at 877-270-3475 and request that API access be turned on for your account.
  • Log into Silver Back Office at
  • Click your username at the top right of the page.
  • Select My Account from the drop-down list.
  • Find Client ID and Client Secret at the bottom of the page. If you do not see a Client Secret, click 'Create Client Secret'.


3. If you have more than one location/store in your NCR Silver account, you will need to choose one store to sync with. Ecwid online store will be synchronized with one NCR store only.


4. Once the initial catalog import is done, you can manage the synchronization settings. 

All products you already have in your Ecwid store (if any) will stay there. New products and categories from NCR Silver will be added to your Ecwid catalog.

Also, we recommend first to set up the catalog totally in NCR Silver (all categories, items, modifiers and prices) and then make connection and initial catalog import.


Please note that you should not change SKUs of products and variations in Ecwid (as well as Attribute NCRMasterID value for products in Ecwid). Otherwise the synchronization won’t work correctly for products with updated SKUs.
Items in NCR Silver are named as products. So a ‘product’ means an item in NCR Silver and a product in Ecwid store.

What settings you can manage

Import new products from NCR Silver to Ecwid online store

Every time a new product is added to NCR Silver, it will be added to Ecwid as well. When you delete a product from NCR Silver, it will be removed from the Ecwid catalog.
If a product in NCR Silver has variations, they will be imported as the product options and variations to Ecwid (each product variation has its own SKU number).
If a product has modifiers assigned in NCR Silver, these modifiers will be imported to Ecwid as the product options.

Each product in NCR has the "This item is active at POS" flag. All products from NCR Silver are imported regardless of the flag value. However if the flag is turned on, the product is enabled in Ecwid online store. If it is turned off, the product is still imported, but in the "Disabled" state (not displayed for customers in the storefront). 

Synchronize product stock levels

Available for NCR Silver. NCR Silver Pro does not store product quantity When turned on: once a product quantity is changed in NCR Silver, it is automatically updated in your Ecwid online store.

Synchronize Orders

When turned on: once an order is placed in your Ecwid Online Store, it gets sent to NCR Silver POS system. Also, stock levels are updated in NCR as well.

For correct synchronization of orders make sure your NCR POS app timezone is the same as the timezone in your Ecwid account (set up in Settings > General > Store Profile section,the "Time Zone" field)

Manual updates

If you prefer not to use Automatic synchronization (or you need to make one-time mass catalog update) you can use the following options.

Import new products and update inventory levels 

Use this option to immediately send the product catalog updates from NCR Silver to Ecwid. Also, if you would like to update the whole catalog prices from NCR Silver to Ecwid, tick the "Override online catalog pricing" checkbox in your NCR account settings.

Reimport the product catalog from NCR

***Please use this option carefully***

This feature allows to rewrite all the products previously imported from NCR Silver with actual NCR catalog. Example: there is an Ecwid product already imported from NCR and you have added the description, images, etc). If you use reimport, this products will be totally replaced with the product with the same SKU from NCR, so you will have to enter description/images /etc in the online store again. So use this option ONLY in need of total catalog replacing on the NCR side that should be reflected on Ecwid side.

Working with Online Orders

Online orders settings

Online orders are sent to NCR as Takeout or Delivery orders. NCR Silver has Takeout orders only, while Silver Pro allows both Takeout and Delivery orders.

Please make sure you set up Takeout/Delivery options in your NCR account according to your business rules, and also enable Online Orders processing on at least one of iPad POS stations in your retail store.

Instructions on how you can do it in your NCR account and on an iPad POS station can be found in NCR Silver Knowledge Base:

When a new order is placed in your Ecwid store, it is sent to your NCR Silver and POS station.
Ecwid sends the information about products in the order (with options chosen), the order payment status (prepaid or not), tax amount and order comments.

Accepting payment for online orders

Ecwid supports multiple payment gateways, so you can choose one of them to process credit cards online.

Also you can enable offline payment methods, e.g. Cash on delivery.

Online orders are completed in the NCR POS app the same as regular Takeout and Delivery orders.

If an online order was paid for by a credit card in your Ecwid store, it appears as ONLINE on the guest check in the POS app and includes the amounts paid and due (if any). It is also possible to auto-close the prepaid tickets on the NCR side.

If an order has not been paid yet, it is processed and paid for as usual in the POS app

Charging taxes for online orders

Ecwid has a very flexible tax setup: you can specify multiple tax rates for different types of products and locations, or just use automatic tax calculation. More details can be found in our article about setting up taxes.

Please make sure you set up the taxes in Ecwid in line with your retail store tax rules.

Takeout and Delivery orders

For Takeout orders please set up the In-Store Pickup method in Ecwid. Note that NCR Silver allows Takeout only.

If you offer Delivery, follow these instructions to set up delivery rules and rates

Please make sure that the Takeout/Delivery charges specified in your NCR and Ecwid accounts match.

Processing online orders in POS app

Ecwid sends all online orders to NCR Silver host, all the new online orders can be seen in the "Pending Online Orders" section on the "Takeout/Delivery" screen in your NCR account.

When an order reaches the target threshold time (Order Due Time), it gets sent to either Takeout or Delivery queue in the POS app. Threshold time for orders can be set up in your NCR account.

To request the order due time from the customers please do the following:

  • Enable the "Order notes" field on checkout in Ecwid and name the field as [Specify pickup/delivery time]. Make it required.
  • When a customer places an order, they will specify the order due time using this field.
  • You can get a notification about a new order via several ways: email, push notification in the mobile app, see that in the control panel. You will see the comment about the due time in the order details.
  • Go to the POS app, find "Pending Orders" and find that new online order and click "Send it to the kitchen". When you do that, please specify the "Order Target Time" according to the order comments.
  • Once the order goes to the Takeout/Delivery queue with the correct due time, the kitchen printer will print a chit with the Target Time specified by the customer.

Voiding online orders in NCR Silver

If you need to void an online order in your NCR POS app, there are 2 options here:

  1. If the online order was not paid online and should be paid by cash, you can void the order ticket right in the POS app.
  2. If the order has already been paid in your online store, you need to refund the transaction from your payment processing account. Please go to the Ecwid store control panel, find the order there and find the transaction number for it. Then go to your payment processing account and refund the transaction for the order there. You can then void the order ticket in the POS app.


How many NCR stores/locations can I connect to one Ecwid store?

You can connect only one Ecwid account to one NCR Silver store/location. If you have multiple brick-and-mortar locations (and a separate store in NCR for every location), you need to connect a separate Ecwid store to every location.

I imported the catalog from NCR to Ecwid, however all products are disabled in the online store. Why so?

Please check the value of the "This item is active at POS" flag for products in NCR. If this flag is disabled for a product in NCR, it will be imported as a disabled product into Ecwid. If you need products to be available online for purchase, please enable the flag for these products in NCR. This change will be synchronized to Ecwid automatically.

I changed a product price, title, description in NCR, however the change was not synced. Why?

Our integration does not support syncing of these product detail changes. If you need to update pricing in your Ecwid store in accordance with the prices in NCR, you can do this with the the help of the "Import new products" option, choose the "Override online catalog pricing" option.

I updated product variations in NCR, will those be updated in Ecwid?

Yes, if you add/remove variations or change variation values for a product in NCR, those changes will be synced with Ecwid, if the "Import your products from NCR Silver" setting is enabled. Please note that if the changes influence product variation prices, the new prices won’t appear in Ecwid automatically. You need to do one-time import of products with "Override online catalog pricing" checked to sync the price changes.

I updated modifiers assigned to a product in NCR, however the change was not synced. Why?

Modifiers are the details/options of a product, so they are not updated automatically. However if you update product variations as well, changes done to the modifiers will be synced to Ecwid.

I have several stores/locations in my NCR account and want to connect another location to my Ecwid store. How can I do that?

Please navigate to your Ecwid Control Panel > Settings > NCR Silver, click on Client id -> Change my NCR store. A list of available stores within your NCR account will be displayed, so you can choose a different one. The store catalog will be imported to your Ecwid store.

It may be good to remove all the products from the Ecwid catalog that were previously imported from NCR prior to changing the location.

How to disconnect my Ecwid store from NCR Silver account?

Please navigate to your Ecwid Control Panel > Settings > NCR Silver, click on Client id > Disconnect. Synchronization between the systems will be stopped. All the products imported from NCR before will stay in your Ecwid store. 





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