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NCR Silver is a point of sale software that allows owners of restaurants and retail businesses to turn an iPad or Android tablet into a fully-functional POS system. With NCR Silver you can accept physical credit and debit cards, manage employees, generate sales reports and much more. Ecwid and NCR Silver integrate seamlessly to synchronize online and offline orders, inventory and more.

What you get if you connect NCR Silver POS and Ecwid

  • All NCR Silver categories and products (product names, prices, variations and modifiers, stock levels) get imported to your Ecwid online store automatically, so there is no need to create them from scratch in Ecwid.
  • Product stock is synchronized, so if an item is sold in your brick and mortar store, the online store item stock will be updated and vice versa (For NCR Silver only. NCR Silver Pro does not track stock levels).
  • All orders done in your Ecwid store get submitted to your NCR Silver POS system.
  • You can manually re-import categories and products from NCR Silver POS to your Ecwid store (just in case you need to start from scratch).

What you need to start

  • NCR Silver account - you can register that at Please ask an NCR team member to activate API access for your NCR account (in order to synchronize NCR Silver and Ecwid online store)
  • Ecwid account. You can register one here: Go to the "NCR Silver POS" page in Ecwid control panel and follow the connection instructions.

How to get started with NCR Silver and Ecwid

1. Go to your Ecwid Control Panel > Settings > NCR Silver POS 


2. Connect your Ecwid store to your NCR Silver POS system (categories and products from NCR POS will be imported to the online store). To do it you need to know your Client ID and Client Secret for NCR Silver account. To get them follow the instructions below:

  • Contact NCR customer care at 877-270-3475 and request that API access be turned on for your account.
  • Log into Silver Back Office at
  • Click your username at the top right of the page.
  • Select My Account from the drop-down list.
  • Find Client ID and Client Secret at the bottom of the page. If you do not see a Client Secret, click 'Create Client Secret'.


3. If you have more than one location/store in your NCR Silver account, you will need to choose one store to sync with. Ecwid online store will be synchronized with one NCR store only.


4. Once the initial catalog import is done, you can manage the synchronization settings. 


Please note that you should not change SKUs of products and combinations in Ecwid (as well as Attribute NCRMasterID value for products in Ecwid). Otherwise the synchronization won’t work correctly for products with updated SKUs.

What settings you can manage

Import products from NCR Silver to Ecwid online store

Every time a new product is added to NCR Silver, it will be added to Ecwid as well.
If a product in NCR has variations, they will be imported as product options and combinations into Ecwid (each product option value has its own SKU number).
If a specific modifier is assigned to a product in Ecwid, that would be displayed as a product option (price modifier if that changes the product price).

Synchronize product stock levels

Available for NCR Silver. NCR Silver Pro does not store product quantity When turned on: once a product quantity is changed in NCR Silver, it is automatically updated in your Ecwid online store.>

Synchronize Orders

When turned on: once an order is placed in your Ecwid Online Store, it gets sent to NCR Silver POS system. Also, stock levels are updated in NCR as well.
If you prefer not to use Automatic synchronization, you still may need to make catalog/stock updates from time to time.

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