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If your product line or business model needs complex shipping price tools, the ShipperHQ app will help you to set your own shipping rules. 

With help of the ShipperHQ app you can achieve the following:

  • assign specific shipping methods to certain product types
  • ship products in separate boxes
  • specify in what exactly boxes a product should be shipped
  • calculate shipping cost by distance
  • calculate shipping cost from several office/warehouse addresses, inсluding dropshipping
  • take into account freight product classes
  • etc

Also, you can use the updated integrations with Australia Post и FedEx through this app.

This app is available for all Ecwid Stores starting from the Business and higher tier plans Upgrade to get this feature

Installation and setup

- Install the ShipperHQ app in your Ecwid control panel

- Sign up for a ShipperHQ account at by clicking on “30 Day Free Trial” in the top right corner (you can choose Magento2 option from the list of offered platforms if you don't see Ecwid in the popup that will appear) or open a test account at

- Go to Websites section and create a new site following this instruction (or edit your test site here - a test site is automatically created after signup). This will give you the credentials you’ll need to connect your store to ShipperHQ.



- Copy the value for API Key (it is generated by ShipperHQ when you save the website and shown in the Websites section) and generate Authentification code in the eCommerce Shipping Configuration section highlighted in the screenshot above. Then paste these values into the respective fields in the app page inside your Ecwid control panel.


- Proceed to Origins section and specify there the accurate Origin Address where your goods are shipped from.



If you have several warehouses, you can enter the address of each of them. Also, you can specify there a warehouse address in case of a dropshipping. This instruction describes in detail how to accomplish this step.

Creating shipping methods

Proceed to Carriers section (in a test account you should go to, create a Carrier on that page and configure it following this instruction.


With a Custom Carrier you must set up Carrier Rules to see rates show, with all other carriers rates will show by default.


To pull live rates from carriers such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, etc, you will need to specify the account details you have with the respective carrier. 
Don't forget to enable the methods as they are created in the disabled state by default.

To add LTL Freight & 3PL carriers you must enable this feature in your ShipperHQ account settings.

Additional attributes

In order to use the features "Ship product in separate box" or "Multi Origins", you should set additional attributes for products. For products to receive the attributes, you need to assign them to a product class that contains the set of necessary attributes or create attributes for a default class.

List of attributes:

shipperhq_shipping_group - Shipping group name
shipperhq_warehouse - Origin name
freight_class - Freight class
ship_separately - Set to 1 to ship separately
must_ship_freight - Set to 1 to only ship freight


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