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Kirby is a file-based CMS (Content Management System), which means that it doesn’t require you to have a database to handle a website. All the content is stored in files and folders which are uploaded directly to the server. That makes file-based websites be very fast. Kirby is the perfect solution for small businesses that want a simple and permanent website structure (e.g. web studios, blogs, or local restaurants). If you want to try Kirby to build a website, you can download it for free and have a look around.

Ecwid shopping cart can be easily installed into a Kirby website with the help of the Ecwid plugin for Kirby. Follow the instructions below to add an Ecwid store into Kirby.


Create an Ecwid account if you haven’t yet. You can use Ecwid for free with no time limitations. Once you have an Ecwid store, you may consider one of there ways to install Ecwid plugin into a Kirby admin panel. Chose one that suits you the best.

By downloading plugin

  1. Download Ecwid plugin for Kirby. Simply press the “Clone or download” button on the plugin page and then “Download ZIP

Ecwid plugin for Kirby

  1. Unzip the archive.
  2. Rename the folder, so that it is called kirby-ecwid-online-store.
  3. Move the folder into Kirby_Folder/site/plugins 

That’s it, now Ecwid plugin is installed into your Kirby admin panel.

Using Kirby CLI

Kirby CLI is a command line interface that eases the process of managing your Kirby website. If you use the CLI, simply run the following commands in your shell:

$ cd path/to/kirby
$ kirby plugin:install Ecwid/kirby-ecwid-online-store

and the plugin will be automatically installed into your Kirby admin panel.

With the help of Kirby Plugin Installer

You can use Kirby Plugin Installer to easily install Ecwid plugin into Kirby. Paste the following link:

Into the Installer window — and it will install Ecwid plugin for you.

Connecting Ecwid store with plugin

Once you installed Ecwid plugin into Kirby, open your Kirby admin panel and press the “Connect Existing Ecwid Store” button.

Connect Existing Ecwid Store

In the popup input your Ecwid account credentials and press “Sign In”.

Sign In to your Ecwid account

After you logged in Ecwid, click the “Accept” button.

Logged in Ecwid

Once our account is connected, the plugin will create a new “Shop” page on your site for you automatically. This page will contain your Ecwid store.

Adding Ecwid to a Kirby webpage

If you want to add your Ecwid store to a certain page, simply create a new page in your Kirby dashboard and choose “Ecwid Store” as a template for this page.

Choose Ecwid Store

Advanced Setup

There are free widgets, that you can place onto a page with Ecwid Plugin. All the widgets can be enabled in the page’s tab of your Kirby dashboard.

your Kirby dashboard

Tick the widgets, that you want to appear on your storefront — and they will be automatically added to a page.

Horizontal Categories

This widget adds a menu with your store categories to the top of the page with Ecwid store. This widget allows your customers to navigate through your store within a few clicks.


The menu will adjust its size to the width of the page where Ecwid store is embedded, it is responsive and looks great on mobiles.

Search Box

The search box widget makes it easier for your customers to quickly find the needed product in your store.



Minicart widget will appear in the right bottom corner of your customer’s screens. With this widget your customers will be able to see how many products are there in their shopping bags and start checkout by clicking the minicart.


Is Ecwid Shopping Cart Secure?

When you sell online, security is a major question. E-commerce sites are the points where people, both buyers and sellers, leave their most sensitive information such as their names, addresses, and payment details. That is why it is so important to be sure that all the data associated with the store is processed securely and cannot be accessed by violators.

We in Ecwid make sure all the merchants' and buyers' data are protected. We pay maximum attention to the security in Ecwid, and keeping data of the merchants and buyers safe is our highest priority.

Ecwid always uses HTTPS

Regardless of whether or not you have an SSL certificate for your site, it’s important to know that Ecwid is always launched using an HTTPS connection. You can always verify this by inspecting the Network session of your store.

In order to indicate that the checkout is secure, Ecwid shows a padlock image on its checkout page.

However, if you feel that your customers still have concerns and you would like the browser to indicate a secure website, we recommend making your website use HTTPS. Please refer to this article for instructions on how to make your Wix site open via https: About SSL and HTTPS

Ecwid is PCI DSS validated

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security standards developed by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB credit card brands. The standards aim at protecting all card holders and are imposed on all organizations (be it online or offline) who deal with credit cards in any way.

Ecwid is PCI DSS validated Level 1 Service Provider which is the gold standard for e-commerce solutions worldwide. So all Ecwid customers' payment information is completely safe. This also means that when selling online with Ecwid, you can provide PCI DSS compliance reports to your customers, your acquiring bank and card brands you do business with. 

Ecwid is integrated with 70+ trusted payment gateways which are also PCI DSS compliant so all the payments are processed securely. More details: Customers’ data security in Ecwid

Store data is secured

Ecwid is a hosted SaaS shopping cart, which means all stores data (products, categories, images, orders, etc.) is hosted on our servers and delivered to the customers in background by means of AJAX. We rely on secure Amazon Web Services (particularly, Amazon S3) to store Ecwid data and applications. As a result, you entrust your store data to Ecwid and not to anybody else, regardless of where your store is installed. We take care of backups as well as of your store security, software updates, server maintenance and many other routine tasks.

We have an inhouse team of engineers who work on maintaining and improving the system, plus automatic monitoring of server activities 24/7. So all the technical work is done totally by us, you don't have to think about it.

This means that in case your site or hosting is down for some reason, the store is up and running. Even if your site or hosting is vulnerable to malware or hacker attacks, your store (storefront and backend) is not, it is totally safe on our servers. You might as well move to a different site, you will be be able to put the store on a new platform in no time.

How will I manage my store?

You can access your Ecwid Dashboard directly from your Kirby admin panel. Click the “Dashboard” button to open your Ecwid Control Panel, where you will be able to manage your store settings, products and orders.

You can also log in to Ecwid control panel directly at using the e-mail and the password that you used when you created the store. If you do not remember your password, you can reset it on the same page by clicking the [Forgot Password] link.

Helpful Resources

Here are some useful links that will help you create and manage your Ecwid store:

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