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When you register a new account with Ecwid, it is free and no credit card is required at this step. You can try the basic features with Ecwid free account to see how it works and how your store will look.

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Online and offline ways to sell

If you want to get your store selling on multiple platforms at the same time — Ecwid is the solution for you. You can sell both online and offline. 

Selling online

Ecwid integrates with any websites. You can add your new store to your existing website and Facebook page. If you do not have a website you can use Ecwid's default Starter Site. You can also upload your products to marketplaces like eBay US, Google Shopping and others.

Selling in person

Ecwid offers integrations with several POS systems: Square, Vend, Clover and NCR Silver.

Payment methods

Ecwid offers a ton of payment options, including PayPal, Stripe, Square, etc. 

See the full list of available options in our article about accepting payments.

Shipping options

You can select from automatic shipping options, including USPS, UPS, Fedex, Canada Post, EMS, Russian Post, Brazil Correios and MDS Collivery. You can also create a personalized shipping table, choose flat rate shipping costs or offer local pickup.

Check our guide about setting up shipping.


You can change the appearance of your store to match your site and to better suit the products you sell. Please check our section about changing store design for details.

Secure checkout

Ecwid offers fast and secure checkout for your store. All the checkout pages run via HTTPS and are protected by SSL.

Check our article about security in Ecwid

Tax settings

You can quickly and easily create your own tax settings by local area (State/Province) or Country. If you are located in the US, Canada, Australia or Europe, you can use automatic taxes calculation. This means that you just need to enable it and do not have to configure each tax for each zone manually.

You can also manually configure your Ecwid store to calculate tax rates for different regions, zones, countries.

See more information on the topic in our article about setting up taxes.


You Ecwid store is 100% responsive on desktop and mobile. Please check our demo store as an example:


The front-end translates into over 50 languages, including Brazilian, Portuguese, Chinese, Danish, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish and many others.

The seller backend is translated into English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Korean, Catalan, Romanian, Brazilian and others.

Check our article about how translations in Ecwid work.

Facebook store

Ecwid offers the possibility to sell directly through Facebook!

Check out our article about how to integrate your Ecwid store to Facebook.

Product options

Ecwid supports various selection options such as radiobuttons, dropdowns, custom text fields and dates. So, if for example you are selling clothes, you can easily add the sizes and colors as options.

Email notifications tool

Quick and automated with various email notifications that you can customize (HTML editor). Email notifications include order confirmation, order status changed, order shipped, successful registration, password reminder, download e-goods (available in Venture accounts and higher) and other admin notifications.

Check our article about configuring and editing mail notifications.

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