Changing your Ecwid store design on your Wix site

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You can change the design of your store on Wix by using your own color scheme, hiding certain elements and modifying different elements. See the guide below to customize the design of your store on a Wix website.

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Selecting colors for your store

The Ecwid app for Wix allows you to select the colors for your store background, text, links and buttons.

  1. Go to your Wix HTML Editor → Pages
  2. Open the page where your store is located
  3. Click anywhere on your products, click Settings in the menu that appears:

Settings menu on Wix


  1. In the settings pop-up open the Design tab:

Open the design tab 

  1. Select the fonts for your store:

Select fonts


  1. Adjust the background opacity, if needed.
  2. Click on the colors next to Text,Product Price, Links and Buttons to select the colors for each of the items:

Select colors

  1. Select the color and click OK.
  2. If you changed something and do not like the result, you can always click Restore color defaults and start over:

Restore defaults


Changing image sizes

  1. Click Manage Store in the Settings popup or go to your Ecwid Control Panel → Design
  2. Select the image size and ratio that fits your products best:

 Change image size and ratio

  1. The changes are saved automatically.
Learn more about changing your store design.

Developing a custom design

If you want to have a totally custom design for your store, you can opt for ordering a custom theme that will be developed specifically for you. You can hire a developer to have this done.

Ecwid Customization Experts offer advanced customization options. They can help you change the layout of blocks on the page, add new elements, create a custom design for buttons and much more.

If you need a unique custom design for your store or need multiple style changes, we can help. Please complete this form: Custom design for Ecwid store We will be glad to help you with designing your Ecwid store.
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