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You can add even more functionality to your store with the help of extensions. You can find them in your Ecwid Control Panel → Extensions or on the Ecwid site in the Extensions section. The extensions are free, but in order to use them, your account needs to be on the Professional plan or higher.

If you have any questions about installing or using the extensions, contact our support team.

In this article:

Extensions for managing your store

Import Customers

  • An easy way to import your customers and migrate from another e-commerce platform
  • Import your customers using a simple CSV file
  • Create CSV files with customer data in a text editor, Excel or OpenOffice
  • An easy way to migrate your customer base to Ecwid
  • An easy way to migrate from another e-commerce shopping cart to Ecwid or sync your customer base with another system.


Bulk Gallery Upload

  • You no longer need to upload images one by one
  • Organize of products, image file names, and captions using the CSV table
  • Gallery image titles are available in virtually any language thanks to Unicode
  • You can start bulk uploading directly from the Ecwid Control Panel


Store Management App for iPhone and iPad

  • Easily manage your store, sell products on the go, and accept payments with your iPhone or iPad
  • View order details and process your sales
  • Stay connected to your customers
  • Manage products, add new ones
  • Sell on the go accepting payments with Paypal Here or iZettle


Store Management App for Android

  • Manage your store on Android
  • View order details and process your sales
  • Stay connected to your customers
  • Manage inventory 

71lbs: Automated Shipping Refunds

  • Automated shipping refunds
  • Shipping accounts are monitored for late deliveries
  • Claims are automatically filed on your behalf
  • 100% of refunds get credited back to your online shipping accounts
  • 71lbs will invoice you for half of the amount of refunds recovered each month


Share a Refund: Automatic Refunds on Shipping Invoices

  • Share a Refund is autocorrect for your shipping invoices. Works on FedEx, DHL and UPS
  • Free money. This app finds and secures refunds when you've paid too much on shipping, and shares the savings delivered. Hence the name: Share a Refund. 
  • No setup. Simply provide your login credentials to your shipping accounts, and get the first refunds in as little as just 5 minutes. No changes are required on your end
  • Zero of pocket expenses. There's no upfront or ongoing fees, the only cost is a percentage of the refunds secure back to your shipping accounts
  • Great reporting. Real-time charts and graphs showcase all shipping, auditing and refunding activities on your shipping accounts. Weekly emails keep you up-to-date

Extensions for getting reports 

Kliken Stats: Powerful Stats for Your Store

  • Next generation reporting for your online store
  • Understand your Store Traffic with Free Stats and Sell More
  • Calculate Revenue, Conversion Rates, Time to Purchase and More
  • Discover Your Top Products, Categories, Locations and Traffic Sources
  • Find Your Profit By Channel, Customer and Product

Extensions for marketing

Social Sharing Buttons

  • Get more social shares and followers with Zotabox free social media icons
  • Mobile-responsive with multiple social accounts, styles, sizes and colors
  • Multiple social accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, G+, Youtube, Blogger, Tumblr
  • Get more social share and follows
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly social media icon buttons


Buyable Links

  • Generate links to cart with products easily
  • Save customers’ time when making a purchase
  • Initiate promotions on specific products bought together!

Extensions for customizing store

Storefront Label Editor

  • Easily edit and customize texts throughout your online store
  • Customize storefront labels in your online store
  • Apply changes on all of your storefronts, web, social, etc., automatically at once
  • Represent your unique brand identity in your online presence


Filter by Color

  • Add color filter functionality to your storefront
  • Customers can filter catalog for single or multiple colors
  • Add color filters for a clean, organized layout – your colors will become a part of parent categories
  • Create and add your personal color collections to speed up the process


Free Shipping Icon

  • Let your customers know a product has free shipping with a Free Shipping Icon
  • Eye-catching icon to notify customers of free shipping
  • Customize! Match the icon to your store


Recently Viewed Products

  • Show the widget on top or at the bottom of your storefront
  • Select the number of products you want to show
  • Provide easy access to the recently viewed items


Promo Bar

  • Free, Responsive and Fully Customizable Header Bar. Promote Free Shipping, Free Gifts, Coupons and Specials
  • Free and Fully Customizable Notification Bar. Promote Free Shipping, Free Gifts, Discount Codes and contact info with customizable hello bar
  • 10+ more popular onsite marketing tools included to increase your sales and grow your subscribers
  • Free to use. No coding required. Easy Installation. Targeting available.


Easy Contact Form

  • Responsive and Fully Customizable Contact Form. Add/edit fields and add custom background image
  • Responsive and Customizable Contact Form. Add a beautiful background image and impress your customers
  • Customize Templates for Customer Reviews and Feedback. Embed or stand alone option.
  • No coding required. Easy Installation. Won't slow down your website. Secure with Ajax and HTML5 technology


Custom URL for ‘Continue Shopping’ Buttons

  • Customize 'Continue Shopping' links to any preferred URL
  • Direct customers to any URL after they click 'Continue Shopping'
  • Choose between Default, Store Home Page and Custom URL options


Facebook Chat

  • Support your customers via Facebook Live Chat conveniently from your own website
  • Facebook Messenger is the new live chat. This is a great place to start a conversation or provide support
  • Facebook Messenger has over 900 million active monthly users so there is a good chance your customers are already using Facebook Messenger
  • Free and convenient. Chat history available for both store owner and customer.


Checkout Notices

  • Add a custom message for customers at checkout
  • Draw your customers’ attention to special offers to improve sales
  • Update the messages easily in your store Control Panel
  • Provide your customers with important information at checkout


Custom Redirect for "Thank You" Page

  • Direct customers to a custom "Thank You" page after their purchase
  • Easy set up from your online store Control Panel
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