Filtering orders by status

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If you want to find all orders with a certain status, for example, all orders awaiting payment or all orders that are ready for pickup, you can use filtering by status.

  1. Go to your Ecwid Control Panel → My Sales → Orders.
  2. Click Filter:

Click the Filter button


  1. Click Payment Status and/or Fulfilment Status:

Select the filters by status  

  1. Select in the dropdowns the statuses you want:

Select the statuses you need 

  1. You will see all the orders matching the criteria. In our example these are the orders that are Awaiting Payment and Awaiting Processing:

Orders filtered by status 

  1. The filters you used have dots next to them so that could see that the default values were changed:

Used filters are indicated with dots

Read more about order statuses.


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