Using two-factor authentication with Gmail

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You can use your Google account for signing in to Ecwid. To ensure even more security, you can enable 2-Step Verification (also known as two-factor authentication) for your Google account and thus protect your login information for Ecwid as well.

You sign in with 2 steps: you enter your password (you know it) and a security code (you receive it to your phone).

Enabling 2-step verification

  1. Sign in to your Google account
  2. Go to the 2-Step Verification page
  3. Select Get started
  4. Follow the step-by-step setup process
  5. Once you're finished, you'll be taken to the 2-Step Verification settings page
  6. Review your settings and add multiple verification methods.

Logging in with 2-step-verification

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email and password
  3. You will receive a text message with a verification code to the phone connected to your account
  4. Enter the code from the message
  5. Click Submit
  6. You are logged in to your Google account.
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