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Custom development services from Ecwid by Lightspeed

Custom development allows you to add almost any enhancement to your online store on top of Ecwid’s default features. Integrating third-party tools, creating tailored automation for your workflows, tweaking storefront design, etc. – all you need to unlock your business potential. 

You can leverage the expertise of Ecwid’s in-house customization team to get all your desired advanced functions. It is a paid service, and the price depends on the complexity of the request. Lightspeed Custom Development Terms of Use apply.

Why choose us?

Our customization team knows Ecwid inside out and provides quality solutions that really work. We have years of experience and can find the best approach to your unique problem. You can always reach out to your project manager to ask any questions about the custom solution we developed for you and to give feedback.

If you order additional development from us in the future, we will carefully take into consideration the solutions we’ve already made for your store. This way, you can be sure that all the customizations are compatible and there are no conflicts.

What can I use custom development for?

Custom development allows you to build the desired features and capabilities that Ecwid does not have out of the box. This includes:

  • Сustom feature development (special discount rules, dependable product options, checkout modifications like order extra fields, etc).
  • 3rd party software integrations (inventory management, print-on-demand services, marketing platforms, etc).
  • Integrations with additional shipping or payment solutions.
  • Offline store integrations (for example, if you want to sync stock that you store in an XML file on your hosting or need to create advanced reports).
  • Modified store email notifications and invoices (e.g., emails with product-specific logic).
  • Store layout changes according to your design mockup, including headless ecommerce.
  • ShopApp® (your Ecwid store turned into a mobile app) and custom features for it.
  • …Or any other enhancement to help with your daily business tasks or make your store shine. Just share your ideas with us, and we’ll find the solution!


Ecwid’s custom development is a paid hourly service. The rate is 200 USD/hour excl. taxes. The minimum quote is 3 hours, 600 USD excl. taxes.

Submit a request (it’s free!) to receive an estimated quote for your project.

Users of Ecwid’s annual paid plans have custom development included in their subscription:

Annual Unlimited plan 6 hours
Annual Business plan 2 hours 
Wix annual Unlimited plan 6 hours

Development steps

Here are the regular steps to fulfilling your request by Ecwid’s customization team:

  1. You send us a request.
  2. We discuss your needs via email to agree on the best solution, decide on how long it will take to deliver it, and estimate the cost. You get a dedicated project manager who will take care of the progress and whom you can contact at any time.
  3. You pay for the development based on our quote with your card or using PayPal.
  4. Once the payment arrives, we schedule when the development starts. As soon as it’s completed, our Quality Assurance team ensures everything works well and matches the initial project concept.
  5. After successful testing, we install the custom app on your online store in disabled mode. You can enable and try it when it suits you. For complex projects, you can ask to see a demo in a test store first.

That’s it! After the project is finished, you have 6 months of free support in case of any issues. If you ever encounter a bug, don’t hesitate to report it.

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