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This article is for the merchants who sell their products on eBay using the Ecwid's official "Sell on eBay" tool. 

On February 1st, 2018, the Ecwid eBay integration (the "Sell on eBay" tool) will be replaced by a third party eBay integration. To keep selling your products on eBay, we suggest you start using the new integration as soon as possible. Read below to learn how to keep selling on eBay after February 1st, 2018.

The Ecwid's eBay integration is deprecated on Feb 1

eBay has informed us that they are closing the API that Ecwid uses to list your products on eBay. The API is closing on February 1st, 2018, which means the current Ecwid integration will stop working after Feb 1 — eBay will stop listing the products we send to them. To let you continue selling on eBay using Ecwid, we partnered with Codisto who now provides a built-in powerful eBay integration right in your Ecwid control panel. To make sure that there will be no disruption in selling on eBay, we recommend you connect your eBay store to Codisto now. We'll explain how to do that below. 

Your Ecwid store and account continue working as usual. Your Ecwid online storefront is safe and sound. The change is only about selling your Ecwid store products on eBay.

Codisto is replacing the Ecwid eBay integration

Codisto is a third party service that helps sellers list their products on eBay and synchronize the sales with Ecwid. Codisto has been providing the best-of-class eBay integration services for five years. Now, the Codisto app is available in the Ecwid App Market. It supports all the eBay features Ecwid has been supporting and, on top of that, it provides more tools and functions to help you sell more on eBay. 

The Codisto feature list includes:

  • Seamless products export from the Ecwid control panel. 
  • Automatic sync of products inventory and orders.
  • Export of product variations to eBay.
  • Ability to sell on all eBay sites: US, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom and others. 
  • Custom page templates for product pages on eBay. 
  • Easy setup of shipping, payment, and return policies straight from your Ecwid control panel (no need to visit the eBay dashboard). 
  • Ability to set up separate stock level and price for products exported to eBay. 
  • Ability to assign different eBay categories to different products. 
  • Tracking of customer feedback/messages in your control panel.
  • BONUS FEATURE: ability to export products to Amazon and eBay using the same app/dashboard. 

How much does the new Codisto integration cost?

TRIAL: Codisto provides a 30-day free trial period. Being on the trial, you can export products to eBay and start selling.

SUBSCRIPTION: After the trial period, the app pricing starts at $29 per month. You will be charged monthly based on either the number of products listed on eBay or number of sales coming from eBay — you can select the option that will suit your business most. See more details on the Codisto website.

Your next steps to keep selling on eBay

To continue selling on eBay, you will need to move from the current eBay integration to the Codisto app in Ecwid. Here is how you do that:

1. Disable the current eBay integration in the Ecwid control panel: 


2. Install the Codisto app (it's free to install and has 30 days free trial period):


3. Follow the app instructions to re-connect your eBay account and sync your products. 

  • You will be asked to connect your eBay account.
  • The app will suggest that you can either keep your existing eBay listing or list your products from Ecwid from scratch. We recommend that you select to link existing listings. It will save you time since your products are already listed on eBay. If you prefer re-listing products from scratch, please remove your products from eBay first (you can do that in your eBay admin panel at ebay.com)
  • When products are synchronized with eBay, you can check the listings settings and change them if you want. Codisto will allow you to set up custom products templates, different products stock, etc. 
  • See also Codisto step-by-step instruction on how to set up listings. 
  • If you have any issues with setting up the new eBay integration, please contact us at support@ecwid.com, we will help you.  


Can I still sell my products on my site with Ecwid? 

Yes, totally. Ecwid and all its features continue working for you. Your online storefront works as usual with no interruption. If you sell your products using other Ecwid sales channels (e.g. Google shopping or Facebook), those channels will also work as expected. The only change is the eBay integration. It's replaced with the Codisto app. 

Do I have to re-list all my products on eBay from scratch?

No, there is a more convenient option. When setting up the Codisto app, you will be asked to sync your existing products on eBay. This way all your listing will stay live and you won't have to re-upload them. Please see the instruction above. 

Why Codisto? 

Here is why we chose Codisto over an internal integration: 

1) To provide you with more eBay features. 
Our current integration was developed back in 2014. It's quite outdated and misses a lot of eBay features. On the other hand, Codisto provides all eBay features and is constantly working on adding more. For example, with Codisto, you will be able to sell on several marketplaces (e.g. eBay US and eBay UK) at the same time, customize your product page templates, upload your products to Amazon, track inventory in a more advanced way and more. 

2) To save the team resources for new features and improvements.
Ecwid's main focus is building the best eCommerce solution to help you sell online more efficiently. Selling on eBay is, of course, an important part of it, but the synchronization with eBay itself requires a dedicated development team and constant maintaining. Moreover, as we learned from our experience, eBay developer services (the API and support) is highly unreliable, which adds to the maintenance. With all of that in mind, it's better to rely on a service that does only eBay integration and does it well (Codisto). This way, they can provide you with the best experience when listing your products on eBay while we can focus on new e-commerce features and enhancements for your Ecwid store. 

We understand this change will take some of your time and money. We're really sorry for that and we want to help you with this transition. So please do not hesitate to contact us at support@ecwid.com if you have any questions.


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