Understanding HTTPS and SSL

Customers share their private data when they make a purchase from your online store. As a merchant, it’s your duty to keep this sensitive data secure from hackers, scammers, and data thieves.

Using an HTTPS protocol and SSL certificate can help increase your online store’s credibility. An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is issued by a trusted authority for a specific domain or subdomain. It verifies a webpage is properly encrypted and ensures all information passed between a user and the site is private. Having an encrypted store also helps with search engines rankings and conversions.

Secure web pages usually display a padlock symbol in the browser’s address bar. Secure URLs will have a protocol of HTTPS instead of HTTP:

HTTPS in your browser

By default, Ecwid secures pages that collect sensitive information like the sign-up, cart, and checkout pages. Check out our article about how Ecwid protects this data.

While Ecwid protects these pages using SSL sent via HTTPS, consider securing your entire site. Using an SSL certificate for the whole site can have a few additional benefits.

Why you should use SSL

Even though Ecwid protects your consumer data, there are several benefits to using SSL for your whole site.

Browsers show protected sites as secure
Chrome now marks all HTTP websites as not secure. This warns customers that your site is not secure when they first visit your website. It’s visible in the Chrome address bar when you open an HTTP website.

Bad: site that runs via HTTP:

Site via HTTP

Good: site that runs via HTTPS:

Secured site via HTTPS

Since Chrome is one of the most popular browsers, you risk losing potential customers if they see the “not secure” badge. Even though your online store is secure, this could scare off potential customers. In this case we recommend installing an SSL certificate for your whole website.

Using SSL improves rankings on Google

Back in 2014, Google announced SSL as a ranking signal. Google’s search engine still uses this signal and ranks sites with SSL certificates higher in search results.

Payment services require HTTPS

Many payment services require secure sites in order to support their payment gateway. For example, Apple Pay works only with HTTPS.

Customers trust HTTPS sites

A security concern is one of the most common reasons for shopping cart abandonment. When you add an SSL certificate to your store, you show users that their payment data is safe.

If you want to show your customers that your store is secure, you can add McAfee SECURE Trustmark to your store. You can do it with the help of McAfee SECURE app. This app adds the McAfee SECURE Trustmark to your store pages and scans your site for malware, viruses, and other malicious activity.
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