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In Ecwid, you can set up a product as a service. You can turn your store into the place where people can book appointments online. You can hold different events, from helpful classes and workshops to fun parties.

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Online booking is perfect for:

  • DJs
  • Caterers
  • Babysitters
  • Hairdressers
  • House cleaners
  • Gardening services
  • Handyman services
  • Interior decorators
  • Rental services, etc.

For those who have many services up and running, there’s a Libersy app in the Ecwid App Market to manage appointments online. The Libersy app is perfect for restaurants, training classes, and other businesses with physical locations.

With Libersy integration, Ecwid merchants have an ability to add online booking right in their Ecwid store. Libersy Calendar allows customers to schedule an appointment with you or your employees via the Internet, even after opening hours.

The process is simple — install the app, create services in Libersy, sync Libersy with Ecwid and the services from Libersy will appear as products in the storefront and in Ecwid store catalog itself.

The app is paid. App price: $9.99/month with a free trial.

Getting started with Ecwid and Libersy

To get started, install the Libersy application. After you install the app, you’ll need to configure your Libersy account and create all your services in Libersy. You can do it yourself or you can get help of Libersy support, they can setup your account entirely for you and add it to your website if you have little time or if you are having trouble.

If you’re setting up your Libersy services for the first time, go to “Quick Start” to configure your account in your Libersy dashboard:


Step 1: Configure your services

You can add as many services as you like. If you offer many services then you can spread your services over categories:


You can find the list of your Services in your Libersy dashboard: Settings → Services.

Fill out the Service Details and save it:


Choose which employees, spaces and tools are needed for this service on “Required resources” tab: 


The employee must be available, for this service to be bookable. You can specify the employee working hours in your Libersy dashboard: Settings → Services → Employees, choose the employee and click “Settings” button, then “Schedule”. The specified employee working hours should match the Opening Hours of your company. The Opening Hours should be set up in your Libersy dashboard: Settings → Company → Opening Hours.

Check "Use Timeschedule" on “Timeschedule workshops” tab if you only want to offer this service at specific times. If you do net select the checkbox, this service is offered at the times when the set required resources are available: 


You can also set dates and time frames as disabled so no customer can book an appointment for that time when you are busy or can’t provide a service.

Step 2: Configure your business settings

Check your Company Details in your Libersy dashboard: Settings → Company section:


Set up the email and SMS reminders sent to your Customers in your Libersy dashboard: More Settings.

You can also configure the list of questions to ask to customers by editing the Customer profile, specify Booking conditions, enable iDeal payments, set up regional settings in Country and language section.

After the synchronization, the services will appear in your Ecwid store as products and categories: 


The synchronization between your Libersy account and your Ecwid Store will happen automatically. Services and categories are synchronized when you save or archive them. If you do not see updates in your Ecwid Store, you need to manually sync data in your Libersy dashboard: Publish to Web → Ecommerce → Sync now.

How it works

When visiting your store, customers can find those services and book their appointment right there in a widget from Libersy. It replaces the “Buy now” button with “Book now” button:

All your appointments and your schedule will be displayed in Libersy dashboard → Appointments, so you will always know when to expect a customer.

Other ways to accept bookings in Ecwid

If you want to use Ecwid to accept bookings, you may want to use other solutions:


Date picker option

1. Add the service to Ecwid (Ecwid Control panel → Catalog → Products → Add New Product). Head over to options and add a “Date picker” input type and name the option “Date”: 


2. Add a second option named “Time” that consists of a simple text field. This is where your client can let you know the time at which they wish to meet with you. Make sure both of these options are marked as required options: 


3. The next thing you need to do is add your electronic calendar to the description. If you have a Google Calendar for example, get the code for your calendar and paste it into your product description (make sure you click on <> on the far right to add code).

4. Add a small explanation in the description for your clients on how to make a reservation (let them know they have to check your calendar before they book with you to make sure you are free).


Product Variations

Ecwid also has a feature allowing you to create sets of product options and track inventory on options level — Product Variations. You can use the "Drop-down list" and "Radio button" options to create variations.

First, we suggest you create a service for 1 week, e.g. “Rent a guitar October, 17 to October, 23”. In this case, you need to set options for your service:

Date (set “Drop-down list” option):


and Time (set "Radio button" option):


Then, go to Variations tab and create “New Variation”. Choose necessary selection for every option and set SKU, price and availability in stock.

If the SKU depends on DATE and TIME you can create combinations with the following selections:




Quantity in stock

































Check the screenshot:


Feel free to repeat these steps for other dates of this week: Date 19, Date 20, Date 21, Date 22, Date 23.

Then, you can Duplicate this service “Rent a guitar October, 17 to October, 23” and change the title of this service to “Rent a guitar October, 24 to October, 30”. Make changes in Date option and create new variations (as described above) with new dates and time.

You can create 4 or 5 items that offer your customers to choose the week of the month and available time and place them into one category “October” (go to your Ecwid Control Panel → Catalog → Categories and create new root category “October” and assign products to “Category products” tab).

You are free to create additional categories for “November”, “December” and so on, where your clients are free to choose the week of the appropriate month and the available time for the rent.

For example, if you set the quantity for each combination as 1 and one of your customers books a guitar on October, 17 (time 9.00-11.00) then another customer who also wants to rent the guitar at the same time will see the “Out of stock” notice. So, you can track the inventory for each date and time separately to avoid overselling.


Custom solution

It is also possible to use a custom date picker option based on the Product Variations functionality. You can develop a script that will hide Date and Time already booked by another customer with the help of Ecwid API Platform. If you need help with such integration we can do it for you. Fill in this form —, we will review your request and get back to you via email with the quote.

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