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An international brand speaks multiple languages. The Translatable Product and Category Descriptions app can help you sell to customers in their native tongue.  

The Translatable Product and Category Descriptions app is available on Venture and higher tier plansUpgrade to get this feature

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To change the default texts in your online store, please visit changing texts in your Ecwid store.

Installing the app for translating descriptions

  1. Open the Translatable Product and Category Descriptions app page:


  1. Click Get app
  2. Click Open app and get started.

Using the app for translating descriptions

All you need to do is to provide the translated description, mark what language it’s written in, and the app takes care of the rest.

Get the translated text

Prepare the translated content for the product and category descriptions — the app doesn’t translate it for you. You can do it yourself or use a translation tool like Google Translate.

Choose the language blocks

The app uses the so-called language blocks or shortcodes to show language specific content to your store visitors:

[lang="LOCALE_CODE"]Your description here[/lang]

LOCALE_CODE is the code of the necessary language, for example en, es, fr, de.

If you don’t know the exact language code, available codes can be found on the List of ISO 639-1 codes. You need the two-letter "639-1" code.

Format the description content

To separate the content into languages you need to place the text in category and product descriptions into the language blocks as shown below:

Editing description for translating

The app will automatically detect the opened storefront language and display the description in that language if it's available.

In the example above, all visitors will see the wording “Everyone will see this!”. But only Spanish or Russian visitors will see the extra content that is wrapped within their language block.

Here is an example of a page in Spanish:


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