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Sometimes you might want to change your paid plan with Ecwid. You can easily switch to another plan right from your Ecwid Control Panel.

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How to switch

You can change your paid plan at any time.

  1. Log in to your Ecwid Control Panel → My Profile → Billing and Plans
  2. Click Switch next to the plan you want to switch to:


All functionality of the new paid plan is available immediately after switching. 

What happens when switching between paid plans

When you switch between plans, your charge date remains the same. For example, if you create a paid monthly subscription on May 15, your next charge will be on June 15, then July 15, August 15, and so on.

When you upgrade to a higher plan, you will be prorated for the higher rate to keep the billing cycle and date the same. For example, if you upgrade from Venture to Business 7 days before your next billing day, you will pay a prorated amount for 7 days on the Business plan.

Ecwid takes into account the prepaid amount that you haven't spent.This balance is used for payment for the new plan. It is taken as a credit which covers (partially or fully) the prorated charge for the plan you switch to.


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