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Ecwid is a great way for you to open an online store right in your website, blog, and social page. All the storefronts are synced and managed from one Control Panel.

Thus, if you run a website and wish to start selling online right there, or if you want to sell on your Facebook business page as well, Ecwid is the choice.

Ecwid is a shopping cart which can be seamlessly integrated with your existing website, business page on Facebook or your blog. If you want to sell on multiple platforms at the same time — Ecwid is the right solution for you. 

How Ecwid works

It is as simple as that — you add a few lines of code to any page of your website or profile page, and your online store immediately appears on this page. Customers will enjoy the convenience of checking out securely right within your site. 

This is possible due to Ecwid unique architecture. Ecwid is a hosted SaaS shopping cart, which means all the code and stores data (products, categories, images, e-goods, orders etc.) is hosted on our servers and delivered to you and your customers in background by means of AJAX. This makes Ecwid fast and easy to use: you can have your store on many sites simultaneously, never care of system upgrades or other technical stuff and deliver your store to your clients faster than other shopping carts. 

Where all the store information is stored

We rely on secure Amazon Web Services (particularly, Amazon S3) to store Ecwid data and applications. Years of usage and hundreds of successful clients proved Amazon Web Services as the most reliable and secure solution among the competitors. 

You entrust your store data to Ecwid, regardless of where your store is installed. Whether it is Joomla, Wordpress or any other CMS, custom-developed site or social network, since you signed up with us, we take care of backups as well as of your store security, software updates, server maintenance and many other routine tasks. 

How the security is guaranteed

Our merchants' data security is our team's highest priority. We use highly secured and trusted Amazon servers to store Ecwid shops information.
More information: Ecwid security

Where Ecwid can be installed

Basically, Ecwid can be inserted on any website or blog that allows embedding HTML/Javascript codes. We offer a ready app for Facebook, so you can open an online store on Facebook page with a few clicks: How to add your store to Facebook

We also have very nice plugins for Wordpress, Wix and other sitebuilders. 

Please refer to this topic: Add Ecwid to your site

How to add Ecwid to a site

Ecwid can be added to as many places as you wish. You can add it to your Facebook page, Wordpress, Wix or Joomla site. Please check here for the full list of instructions on how to add Ecwid to your particular system: Add Ecwid to Your Site

You can also to any site by means of widgets, a few lines of Javascript code which deliver the full-featured shopping cart directly into your website. You simply need to insert Ecwid widgets to the backend on your site and Ecwid store will appear on your site page. Find more details here: Ecwid widgets

How to manage the store

All the store setup is done from Ecwid control panel located at The information on your customers and orders can also be seen there. Once you sign up with us, you will receive access to this panel. 

The main sections include:

  • Dashboard: shows a summary of your store activity (latest orders, total of sales, store ID, etc)
  • Installation wizard: will guide you through all the necessary setup steps to open an Ecwid store
  • My Sales: page displays all orders made in your Ecwid store. More details on orders management here:
  • Catalog: here you will add and manage your products and categories
  • Promotion: extra features to extend your selling experience, i.e. Discounts, Facebook app, Marketplaces
  • Settings: follow here to configure your payment methods, shipping, taxes, store languages, currency, etc.
  • Apps: here you can find additional applications that allow to extend your store features and help your business grow faster
  • Profile: here you can view and change your profile details (username, email, password) and subscribe to a paid plan.

How Ecwid stores look

Wonder how your shop will look? Check out our demo storefront: and Facebook shop 
Ecwid is located on one page of your site, at the same time it is a fully-featured online shop containing catalog, product listings, checkout pages, and allowing to place orders and pay by different payment method.

You can customize your store look to make it absolutely unique. More details and instructions:
How to change Ecwid design

How to accept payments

Ecwid provides various different payment methods, starting from accepting credit cards to manual order processing. You will be able to connect your store to major payment processor such as PayPal, Authorize.Net, Stripe, 2checkout and many more. Please check out the article for the in-depth explanation of how payment processing work in Ecwid The list of payment methods you can have in your store can be found here:

How to set up shipping rates

Ecwid offers you a flexible mechanism to calculate and charge delivery rates. This article will give you detailed instructions: Shipping

How to charge sales taxes

Yes, you can setup different tax rates for any region worldwide as well as within your country. For more information, please refer to the article about Taxes setup 

How to add more features to the store

This might be possible with a custom solution. You might develop a feature yourself or hire someone. Ecwid has powerful and flexible API which you can use to extend Ecwid functionality, create modules and extensions and integrate with different apps. Find more details here: API 

Please feel free to register in our developer portal:

If you need to add a feature to your store, we can help. Please fill in this form: New feature for Ecwid store. We will be glad to help you.
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