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Ecwid allows to import and export your store data in several ways. You can import and export your products, customers, orders (export only) and other store data using API or built-in Ecwid tools.

Import is useful in several cases:

  • you are migrating from another shopping cart and need to transfer all of your products quickly;
  • you have a file with products from your supplier or partner and want to show these products in your store;
  • you want to update products in bulk, e.g. update prices or stock;
If you want to migrate from a WooCommerce store, you can do it with the help of a special plugin. Read more about migrating to Ecwid from WooCommerce.

If you want to upload products to your store in bulk, you can use the built-in tool for product import.

It is possible to easily update your products in bulk using the Bulk Product Editor app from Ecwid App market. The app allows to change product properties like price, weight, quantity and more, update product options enable and disable products in your store in bulk.

If you want to download your store data in a file, you should use the built-in export tool.

To import and export your store data, you need to use a CSV (comma-separated values) file.

If you are a developer and want to build an application that will upload or download your store data, check out our portal for developers. There you will find our API documentation and get help from our awesome developers community.

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