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Parallels Web Presence Builder is an easy and intuitive means of creating websites for small businesses and individuals. You can easily get full-maintenanced site with domain, hosting and CMS in one place. In additional to that, you can simply add online store to your new site in several clicks using special Ecwid plugin integrated with Parallels Web Presence Builder platform.All customers registered in Ecwid via Web Presence Builder get 50% increased product limits on each plan.

How to install

  1. Login to Web Presence Builder control panel. Create the page on your site, where online store will be installed or choose the page from existed ones.
  2. Find the Online Store module in the Modules tab and drop it to the page:

Find Online Store

  1. Choose Register with Ecwid, if you have not registred your online store yet and filled in the form. If you have registered online store in WPB already, use Enter an ID of an existing shop option:

Choose Register with Ecwid

  1. Set view options for your store, i.e. number of categories in row, number of product in each list and default products list view:

Set view options

  1. That's it. You have online store on your site now.
  2. Add your products and setup your store in Ecwid control panel. In order to get there just hover on the products list block and click Manage.

click on appeared Manage button

  1. Setup your store and start selling.

Plans and Pricing







$0 forever

%0 transaction fee

$15 / monthly

%0 transaction fee

$35 / monthly

%0 transaction fee

$99 / monthly

%0 transaction fee

Basic shop features:

Product listing, limited to 10 products 150 products 3,750 products unlimited
Categories, limited to 2 categories 10 000 categories 10 000 categories 10 000 categories
Enterprise grade product search
Product options
Payment option

except for Robokassa

All the world's currencies
Shipping cost calculation methods
Storefront translations to 43 languages (no difference between plans)
Unified Ecwid control panel
Control panel translations to 11 languages (no difference between plans)
Multiple storefronts for one store
Facebook store
Printable invoices
Customizable e-mail notifications to store admin and to buyer 
Customer profiles: signing up, order history

Built-in Google Analytics integration with e-commerce reporting

Advanced features

A way to integrate custom payment gateways
A way to retrieve inventory informationvia Ecwid API  

Promotions through discount coupons

A way to get list of your orders via Ecwid API  
Simultaneous login to your site and store via Single Sign-On API  
Protecting download links for e-Goods  
Tracking orders  
"Terms and Conditions" checkbox on Checkout page  
Custom mobile domain  
Ability to check unfinished sales list  
Tiered pricing  
Multi-storefront tracking  
Inventory control for Product Options    
Google Shopping Feed    
Custom Order IDs   ✔  ✔  ✔ 

Support service

Community support  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔ 
Email support   ✔  ✔  ✔ 
Live Chat support 24 hours, Monday-Friday    
Desktop Sharing       
Store Setup Consulting      


How can I add other Ecwid widgets to my store?

Any additional Ecwid widgets, e.g. search box, Categories menu, etc., as well as other custom script for your site, can be installed with help "Script" module in Web Presence Builder

Script module

Just drop with module to the site, where Ecwid widget should be installed, place the code in appeared textarea and click Ok

place the code and click Ok

The code will be activated on the published website.

Why I get "The Store ID you've provided is not valid bec ause it was not registered through Web Presence Builder" error?

Web Presence Builder "Online Store" module can operate with Ecwid stores registered in Sitebuilder control panel only. You can create new Ecwid store when you add new Online store to your site, or use Ecwid store registered earlier. Just remember that store should be created via Web Presence builder.

If you get "The Store ID you've provided is no valid..." error, it means that you are trying to use Ecwid store registered in our system directly. This kind of store can't be used in "Online Store" module of Web Presence Builder.

If the online store was created directly at the Ecwid website without using Presence Builder, you can do the following: Create a new Ecwid account through Presence Builder, log in to the previously existing Ecwid account, export all the goods to a CSV file. After that, log in to the new account and import the file.
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