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It is possible to integrate Ecwid shopping cart with your SnapPages site. A Pro account in SnapPages is required. To add your store to SnapPages, please follow the steps below.

1. Create a new page in SnapPages back-end.

  • Open Web Pages application in SnapPages (Apps → Web Pages).
  • Click New page button.
  • Follow the prompts and choose the page properties:​
    • page type - Basic page;
    • page title - as you want, for example, My Shop;
    • page template - you can use either a template page or a blank page.

2. Add Ecwid integration code to the created page.

  • Create a new HTML snippet with Code box widget (drag and drop Widgets → Code Box element to the page)​.
  • In the popup Insert HTML snippet enter the title and insert Ecwid integration code from Ecwid Control Panel → Dashboard.
  • Click Save.

3. Publish the page.

Save the changes and publish the page on click to Publish button in the bottom of the page). Now the store page will appear in the website front-end.

Note: If you want to publish other Ecwid widgets on the store page, for instance, Categories widget, Shopping bag or Search box, you'll need to add the corresponding integration codes to the same Insert HTML snippet.
Unfortunately, the technical limitations of SnapPages will not allow to publish Ecwid widgets inside different HTML snippets.
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