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Social networks are a booming topic of todays internet. Ecwid, being one of the most advanced and innovating solutions for e-commerce, integrates to the social networks and enables social interactions in a number of ways, including:

  • the ability to expose your store front right on the social network (or networks) of your choice, allowing the users of the social networks to make their purchase right there and without visiting your website;
  • allowing your customers to share the links to your products via various social networks, promoting and recommending your products to their friends and contacts.

Facebook related features

Facebook stores

You can install your Ecwid store right onto the Facebook, so that your fans can go shopping without leaving their favorite social network. There is a study conducted by Ecwid that shows a 15% of the revenue growth for the store owners who put the Ecwid store front not only to their site, but to their Facebook page too

Like and Send buttons

Ecwid supports Facebook's Like and Send buttons natively for your products in the store, so that your customers can Like your products from all of your storefronts, or send the link to the product to their contact via Facebook.

To enable FB Like and Send buttons, please, see the Ecwid control panel → Settings → Social tools → Share buttons.

Facebook comments 

Ecwid supports FB Comments on each of your products separately.

To enable FB comment, please, see Ecwid control panel →  Settings → Social Tools → FB Comments.

It is also possible to establish a setup to moderate your comments

Ask your friends for advice

Sometimes customers are not sure what to purchase or if they want this particular item. Just enable this feature Settings → Social Tools → Ask Friends and your customers will see “Ask for Advice” link on a product page. It will encourage users to share information about products they want to purchase to their Facebook friends, so your store will get some new visitors and potential buyers.

To enable the FB 'Ask friends' feature, please see Ecwid control panel → Settings → Social Tools → Ask Friends 

"Facebook comments" and "Ask friends" features are available in Venture and higher tier plans Upgrade to get this feature

OpenSocial support

Ecwid can be embedded into the sites supporting the OpenSocial via the Google Gadget. related features

VK.Com is a social network extremely popular in Russia.


Ecwid stores can be installed into the social network (former vKontakte, the largest russian social network) via a special application

Like buttons features the Like buttons generally similar to the ones from Facebook. Ecwid allows a store owner to enable such buttons in the store front and engage the fans from to share the links to the products.

To enable Like buttons, please, see the Ecwid control panel → Settings → Social tools → Share buttons.

Product sharing 

Engage your customers to share the links to your products 

Ecwid supports a number of social sharing buttons, including the ones from:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Google+
  • VKontakte 

Share the link to your product 

There is a built-in way for the store owner to share products to Facebook and Twitter right from Ecwid control panel. More details in this article: How to share my products in Facebook and Twitter

Ecwid IOS and Android app users can share the products directly to the social media pages right within the apps. To share a product:

1. Navigate to the page of the product that you want to share 
2. Tap on the “Share” icon in the top right corner of the screen
3. Choose the media you want to share your product to. It will open the app on your phone with the share menu and your product link attached to the message.

Another way to share product from your store is using the apps featured in Ecwid App Market. These apps that allow to share product to a number of social networks at once. allows you to share products on a variety of popular social media site like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others, from one place. also has a built-in "Day-Planner" so you can schedule posts ahead of time. This way you don't have to pull up the tool every time you want to post, you can simply set them up in advance.

The app is paid with free trial.


 Outfy allows to share products in all the popular social networks sites as the and also in: Wanelo, Polyvore, Fancy, We Heart It and others. It collects your products right from your Ecwid store and share it on these networks within a snap. Outfly also features a planner that allows to make scheduled posts automatically the day and  time you need.

The app is paid with free trial.

OrangeTwig Social Media Marketing

OrangeTwig Social Media Marketing allows to auto-promote your shop on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. With OrangeTwig you can run promotions your store on social media. 


How it works:

  • Create a sale or select products you want to promote.
  • Your products are auto-fitted into our gorgeous, professionally designed layouts.
  • These are posted on your Instagram , Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Tumblr accounts.

The app is Paid with free trial.

Social Sharing Buttons

Social Sharing Buttons allows to get more social shares and followers with Zotabox free social media icons. With Social Sharing Buttons you can share your store pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, G+, Youtube, Blogger, Tumblr.


How it works:

  • Connect your store to Zotabox using the App.
  • Enable the share icons you want to show.
  • Share your store pages to social networks and let your customers do this for you.

The app is Free for all paid users. 

Purchase sharing

With Ecwid, it is possible for the buyers to socially share the links to the products they just purchased. This information, visible to the friends of your buyers, will likely encourage them to buy the same item too, and the post will contain the link to the product in your store, so they can easily do that.

The store owner can enable this feature in the Ecwid control panel → Settings → Social Tools → Share Purchase

Share a link to a cart with products 

Buyable Links is an app from the Ecwid App Market that can help you share a link to a cart page of your store with preselected products. 

For example, you can pick a couple of products from your catalog, specify their quantity and get a ready link for sharing. Once clicked, visitor will go to your store's cart page where those products will be automatically added to their cart - huge time saver! 

The app is totally free - you ca get it here: Buyable Links

Reward visitors for following your social pages

Another awesome app from our App Market allows to reward visitors for following your social media profiles, sharing your offers and re-posting your messages.

Social Boost

Social Boost enables you to run social media based offers, giveaways, lotteries, raffles, contests and sweepstakes. With the help of Social Boost app you can display attractive pop-ups on your website that offer rewards for referrals, actions such as following your social media profiles, sharing your offers and re-posting your messages.

The app has Free and Paid plans.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Why FB Like buttons not clickable sometimes?

This problem is caused by the Facebook bug: for certain Facebook users the comment box does not appear when clicking the like button, yet the invisible iframe for that box still appears, overlapping some site contents and preventing user from accessing page elements (though they are still visible, since the iframe is transparent). The bug is filed here:

If you face this issue, you can manually hide the comment box by adding the following CSS code to your theme:

div.ecwid-productBrowser-likeButton .fb_edge_widget_with_comment span.fb_edge_comment_widget iframe.fb_ltr {
display: none !important;
This hides not only the comment box, but also the Send button popup, thus making the Send button useless (if you use the like+send widget). So, it is advised to either disable the Send button on the product details page or apply this workaround to product lists only (i.e. grid/list) by using the following CSS instead:
div.ecwid-productBrowser-productsGrid-like .fb_edge_widget_with_comment span.fb_edge_comment_widget iframe.fb_ltr, 
div.ecwid-productBrowser-productsList-like .fb_edge_widget_with_comment span.fb_edge_comment_widget iframe.fb_ltr {
display: none !important;
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