Changing credit card logos under the payment method on checkout

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First off, here are the images of credit card logos:  





Next step is to add it to Ecwid. Upload the image to your site. Then add the following custom CSS rules

/* Hide current logos of the payment method */
.ec-size .ec-store .ec-cart-step--payment .ec-radiogroup__item:nth-child(X) {
    display: none;

 /* Add custom logo for the payment method */
.ec-size .ec-store .ec-cart-step--payment .ec-radiogroup__item:nth-child(X) 
.ec-radiogroup__info:after { content: ''; background: url('') no-repeat; background-size: contain; height: 40px; width: 60px; /* The width should be adjusted depending on your logo */ display: block; }

In the code above should be replaced with actual URL to your image and X in :nth-child(X) is the number of the payment method on checkout.

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