Ecwid and CloudFlare Rocket Loader

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CloudFlare Rocket Loader is a solution to speed up websites by putting their assets into a content delivery network (CDN). It is a good way to instantly speed up almost any site.  Basically, it scraps the source code of your webpages, offloads the scripts, stylesheets and images into the CDN for optimized delivery, then alters the page's source code so it refers to the new locations of those assets.

This, however, interferes with how Ecwid widgets get loaded on your page. Basically, if you use a CloudFlare Rocket Loader, you will see Ecwid 'forever loading' and not working on that page. 

If you are using Ecwid plugin for Joomla or Wordpress, no additional measures are needed: we have added the functionality that overrides this issue.

So, if Ecwid is still “forever loading” with RocketFlare, please update the plugin to the latest version.

If you’ve instead used Ecwid integration code, the solution to such situation is to exclude Ecwid's main script from the resources processed by CloudFlare Rocket Loader. Ecwid itself is already being delivered via a CDN, so it does not need additional processing from CloudFlare.

To exclude the Ecwid's script from being processed by Rocket Loader you need to find all instances of Ecwid's main script in the source of your shop page/s on your site, it goes like this:

<script src="//"></script>

(just search for in the sourcecode of your website) and into every such line add the following attribute:


so that the whole line starts looking like

<script data-cfasync="false" src="//"></script>

This will prevent CloudFlare Rocket loader from attempts to optimize the Ecwid script and your will work as intended on a CloudFlare optimized webpage.

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