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"Custom Theme for Ecwid" service description

Service description on Ecwid site

Want Ecwid to match your website perfectly? Just leave this to professionals who will adapt your design and seamlessly embed Ecwid into the general look ’n’ feel of your website.

The integration will be performed on the existing website with a completed look-n-feel. We will find an optimal way to implement the Ecwid widgets into the site. All colors, styles and images will be adjusted to fit into your website design.

For adaptation of the Ecwid style, we will use a copy of your website. During the project Qualiteam will keep in touch with you to demonstrate interim results and to receive your feedback. The project is considered completed only after you have approved it via the Helpdesk account.

Once confirmed by you the changes will be transferred to the live site.



  • The service does not include any functional changes in Ecwid.
  • The service does not include adding categories and products data, configuring the payments, shipping, and other software settings.
  • The service does not include any design or functional changes of the client's site.
  • The service does not include creation of a new website.
  • The service does not include free tech support of the software.

"Unique button set" service description

Our designers will adapt the color scheme of the main Ecwid buttons and minicart section to your website as well as create these elements from scratch to make them unique.

A list of the elements:

  • 'Add to cart' button.
  • 'Checkout' button.
  • 'Continue shopping' button.
  • 'Place order' button.
  • 'Minibag' icon section.

Review the examples below:


The project is scheduled to be started in 1-7 days after the payment. The first result is presented on our demo server in 4-5 days. The project is uploaded to the live server upon confirmation from the client in 1 working day. More precise timeframes are defined by the project manager depending on details of the project.

How to order

You can order the service on Ecwid site.

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