MDS Collivery

MDS Collivery is a South African delivery service, providing their shipping rates quotes in real time.

How to set up

In order to display the live MDS Collivery rates in your Ecwid store, you need to register at MDS Collivery first and get a shipping profile.

You can then customize your account at The default address of your Shipping Profile will be used as the origin address for the provided live rates. Make sure you use the correct origin address in your Shipping Profile and MDS Collivery site.

  1. Once you have registered and set up your shipping profile, log in to your Ecwid control panel. Make sure that your store's currency is South Africa Rand and the country in your shipping origin address is South Africa.
  2. Go to Settings → Shipping&PickUp → Carrier-calculated Methods → MDS Collivery. Click the [Account details] link. Enter your Email, and Password assigned by MDS Collivery and select appropriate Package Type. Then enable the necessary shipping methods and save the changes.


  • If you want to test the MDS Collivery module, you can use the demo account: / api123
  • The live rates may only be returned for the orders within 1,000 kg.
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