Payeezy is a secure solution for accepting credit card payments online. It is offered by First Data — a PCI-compliant provider of payment processing services in more than 50 markets around the world. Once you set up this payment method, its credit card form will smoothly integrate with your store checkout.

Set up your Payeezy account

  1. Register a Payeezy account (if you do not have it yet). For this, fill out the registration form.
  2. Get your Merchant Token:
    • When you get Payeezy account, send an email to Payeezy team at with your Merchant ID, DBA name and mention that the request is for Ecwid.
    • After this, Payeezy will contact Ecwid and we will send you the Merchant Token that is required for further setup.
  3. Get your Merchant Transarmor Token:
    • Log into your Payeezy account, navigate to the Terminals page and select your terminal.
    • Retrieve your transarmor token and save it somewhere.
      If the Transarmor Token is blank, it means that your account has not been enabled for TransArmor® yet. To enable TransArmor® for your account, you will need to reach out to your Payeezy account manager or call 1-855-799-0790.

Set up your Ecwid account

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Payment page.
  2. Scroll down to Other ways to get paid.
  3. From the Choose Payment Processor dropdown, select Payeezy. A setup page will open.
  4. In the I already registered with Payeezy tab, fill in the fields:

Setup details

Merchant Identifier – you get your MID when you register your Payeezy account.

Merchant Token – you have received it from Ecwid team during the Payeezy account setup (step 2).

Merchant Transarmor Token – you have received it during the Payeezy account setup (step 3).

Transaction Type – select the type of transactions:

  • authorize — payment can be captured later (for example, at the time of fulfillment). Note that authorization will expire in a certain time, subject to FirstData policies.
  • purchase — payment is captured at the time of purchase. In most cases the purchase type of transactions is used.
  1. Scroll down to the Appearance Options section and enter the name of this payment method, customers will see it at checkout.
  2. Make sure that this payment method is enabled in your store:

Enable Payeezy

  1. (optional) Provide your customers with the instruction on how they can pay you with this payment method.
  2. Save the changes.

That’s it. Now your customers can pay you by credit card using this payment method at checkout in your Ecwid store.

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