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Brasil Correios

Correios is a popular Brazillian shipping carrier who offers online delivery rates for e-stores. If you have Brazilian customers or run Ecwid shop in Brazil, this shipping method will be of great use for you.

To use the automatic shipping rates from Brasil Correios, your store’s country must be Brazil and the currency of your store must be Brazilian real.

Setting up Brasil Correios

To set up Correios delivery options with automatically calculated rates at checkout:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Shipping & Pickup.
  2. In the Shipping box, click +Add Shipping.
  3. Click Set Up Brasil Correios.
  4. In the Automatically calculated rates from Brasil Correios box, click Set Up Brasil Correios:Brasil Correios.gif
    If you have set up shipping methods in your store in the past, steps 5-7 won’t appear during setup, and Brasil Correios will be enabled right away with the shipping origin you've specified previously. Learn how you can edit your store's shipping origin
  5. (optional) Set minimum order subtotal and enable showing an estimated delivery date at checkout.
  6. Specify your shipping origin. It can be your company’s address or any other location.
    Any edits you make to your company's address will also be saved to the Company address section in your Store Profile and displayed in your invoices and email notifications.
  7. Click Save & Finish.

Once you complete these steps, customers will start seeing Brasil Correios delivery options at checkout. Here in the example it’s PAC and SEDEX:


Changing settings for Brasil Correios

You can choose which Brasil Correios methods you want to show at checkout, limit zones where you will ship to, define default package size, and if needed, add a shipping markup.

To edit Brasil Correios settings in your Ecwid store:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Shipping & Pickup.
  2. Click the Activate menu in the Brasil Correios box and choose Edit.

You can change the following:

  • Shipping options
    Enable which Brasil Correios services you will use to ship orders. Customers will see these options at checkout.


    Learn more about Brasil Correios shipping services to choose the shipping methods that will work best for you.
    Brazil Correios calculates rates online only for domestic shipping services. To set up Brazil Correios rates for international shipping, please create a separate shipping method based on weight or subtotal.
  • Approximate delivery date at checkout
    Turn this on to display the approximate delivery date next to delivery options at checkout. A clearly stated delivery date lets customers understand when they can expect to receive their order, resulting in a higher number of successful sales.
    From the Order preparation time drop-down select how many days it usually takes for you to prepare an order. That time will be taken into account when calculating the delivery date for customers.
    In the Days when you pack orders drop-down menu choose when you pack orders for shipment.
    Set the final time to pack orders in the I pack orders received past this time on the next day box. Your schedule will be taken into account when calculating the delivery date for customers.
  • Shipping region
    Select a destination zone where you want to ship your goods. You can specify region, country or city or choose a specific zone on a map. Customers whose address doesn’t fall into the set zone won’t see Brasil Correios options at checkout.
  • Shipping markup
    Add shipping markup. The markup is a hidden fixed fee that will be added to the Brasil Correios rates. Use this setting if you want to increase the shipping rates to cover your shipping expenses.
  • Default package size (cm)
    Set default package size. The default package size is used for the shipping rates calculation if no product dimensions are specified in your catalog. If all your products are approximately of the same size, you can set the default package size in the shipping settings once and use it for all products.
  • Minimum order subtotal
    Limit the availability of this shipping method by order subtotal. If the order is below the set amount, this shipping method will be inactive at checkout.
  • Internal shipping name
    Enter the name that will be used to refer to this method in the admin panel. This name is for internal use only and cannot be seen by customers. The actual names of the shipping methods displayed at checkout are retrieved from the carrier.
  • Use your own shipping account
    If you already have a merchant account with Correios, we recommend choosing this option. It allows you to receive more rates and services available for personal merchant accounts only. If you don't have a merchant account with Correios, you can register it on the Brasil Correios website. Upon registration, you will get Account ID. Submit this ID and your password into the Brasil Correios account settings box.
    You can test the connection to your account by clicking the Test button. If the settings are correct, you will see the “Test succeeded” message.
  • Packaging type
    Choose packaging type from the drop-down menu. You can also restrict delivery or choose signature confirmation by checking off these options.
    *Brazil Correios has limits for minimum and maximum parcel dimensions allowed.
Package and Box Minimum Maximum
Length (L) 16 cm 105 cm
Width (W) 11 cm 105 cm
Height (H) 2 cm 105 cm
Maximum sum of dimensions: L+W+H - 200 cm


Envelope Minimum Maximum
Length (L) 16 cm 60 cm
Width (W) 11 cm 60 cm
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