Horizontal categories list on a non-white background issue

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This issue is caused by the fact Ecwid uses white images to create fancy rounded tabs which look good in all browsers, even the old ones.

We will fix this issue in next Ecwid versions, in order to fix this issue on your current store, please perform these steps:

  1. Download this image: http://app.ecwid.com/icons/tab.gif
  2. Edit it to replace the white background with any color you like
  3. Upload it to your server.
  4. Create a new custom CSS theme. (Instruction)
  5. Insert the following code into your custom theme:
    table.ecwid-categoriesTabBar table.gwt-TabBarItem-selected td.tabTopLeft {
        background: url(icons/tab.gif) no-repeat;
        height: 11px;
    table.ecwid-categoriesTabBar table.gwt-TabBarItem-selected td.tabTopCenter {
        background: url(icons/tab.gif) repeat-x -11px 0;
        height: 11px;
    table.ecwid-categoriesTabBar table.gwt-TabBarItem-selected td.tabTopRight {
        background: url(icons/tab.gif) no-repeat -589px 0;
        height: 11px;
    table.ecwid-categoriesTabBar table.gwt-TabBarItem-selected td.tabMiddleLeft {
        background: url(icons/tab.gif) repeat-y 0 -11px;
    table.ecwid-categoriesTabBar table.gwt-TabBarItem-selected td.tabMiddleRight {
        background: url(icons/tab.gif) repeat-y -589px -11px;
  6. Replace "icons/tab.gif" with the absolute link to your custom tab.gif file.

This will fix the issue. If you need any help with this task, let us know.

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