How can I get sales reports based on my orders in Ecwid

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The 'Sales' section in Ecwid control panel provides merchants with a useful interface for tracking and processing orders in their Ecwid stores. However, you may need an advanced tool for sales reporting. It can be especially important if you sell many various products, process lots of orders or need to track sales for your affiliate partners or products' vendors separately. With Ecwid, you have the following ways to create reports you want.

Use built-in sales reporting of Google Analytics (recommended way)

Being a unique solution Ecwid uses an approach completely different from "usual" shopping carts.  Instead of trying to put all sorts of site features into one product, we created a product that would be absolutely the best at just one thing: it’s the best shopping cart software available. And since Ecwid can be added to any web site you can use it with any CMS system you like, with whatever newsletter management software or service most suitable for you, and so on. Ecwid grants you the flexibility to use your online shop as one great component among many.

The same thing is with reports. Instead of implementing a reports feature in Ecwid  we have a better offer: you can use super-powerful and free e-commerce reports by Google Analytics. Not a single built-in report of any shopping cart in the world will ever have the same level of power and flexibility as Google Analytics which has been developed by Google for 7+ years.


How to use it: 

  1. First of all you should integrate your Ecwid store with Google Analytics. Remember to enable the "Ecommerce tracking" feature. It will allow Google Analytics to generate  profound reports about monthly sales, purchased products, referrers, etc.
  2. Your E-commerce reports are available in the Google Analytics backend on the Standard Reporting → Conversions → Ecommerce page
  3. The last step is to install special powerful e-commerce report dashboards that provide easy access to all your stats. Example: 

In order to do this, please make sure you're logged in to Google Analytics and open the below links to install the dashboards. 

Other ways

Export orders data to a CSV file and compose reports in a spreadsheet editor

Using the Ecwid's built-in export tool, you can download your orders data into a CSV file and process that file using your spreadsheet editor (e.g. OpenOffice Calc or MS Excel). How to do it:

  • On the 'Sales' page in your Ecwid Control Panel, click either 'Export all' or 'Export selected' button in order to generate a CSV file containing the information of the selected orders set.
  • Open the CSV file in OpenOffice/Excel/Google Docs.
  • Arrange the data in a desired manner and make up necessary reports using tools provided by the spreadsheet editor.

Export orders data to a 3d-party orders/inventory tracking tool and generate the sales reports there

There are many online tools and desktop applications that specialize in extended orders/inventory tracking and generating sales reports. Such tools can be configured to either be fed with CSV files containing order data or be connected with online stores via APIs. For example, you can consider using QuickBooks. 

How to manually import your orders to QuickBooks

Use applications from Ecwid App Market

Business Insighter

 There is one more way to get sales reports - you can use the Business Insighter App. You can install it right from your Ecwid Control Panel on the Apps tab or using the link:

This app gives you an overview dashboard for your Ecwid Store where you can get a snapshot of your business: key stats on a specific customer or product, see top and bottom customers or products, manage invoices and shipping statuses.

Additionally, in this app you can get sales information about a specific product and see the various customers that purchased that specific item. You can also get information about a specific customer: see their order status, as well as most frequently purchased items, and more.

Swell Analytics

 One more app serving the same purpose is Swell Analytics. It can be installed in your Ecwid Control Panel at This app automatically transforms your sales data into charts, and keeps them updated in real-time so that you can monitor results 24/7.

Swell Analytics dashboard contains the information you need to manage your business. It allows you to have access to charts and trends on: revenue, average order size, total orders, total customers.


SiteWit Stats and Marketing

 SiteWit is fully integrated with Ecwid. You select what products and categories you want to advertise and SiteWit builds a Google campaign that gets visitors searching for your products to your store.

SiteWit measures conversions and calculates actual ROI from both organic and paid search campaigns. It uses the data to automatically surface the best performing keywords for the ads so that you get the most out of your marketing budget.

The app has free and paid plans.

Lucky Orange: Conversion Optimization Suite

 Lucky Orange allows to watch anonymous recordings of visitors navigating and interacting with the site, creates visitors’ browsing data heat maps, creates polls and form analytics for you that will be available right in your app dashboard.


The app is paid with a free trial.

MonkeyData: eCommerce Analytics

 MonkeyData is an analytics tool for online store owners or managers that automatically analyzes data from all important marketing sources you utilize in your business and gives you results in one place in clear dashboards.


The app has free and paid plans and free trial.

Convead Analytics and Actions

 Convead allows to estimate your business, retain and return your customers. You can see their behaviour on the sales funnel, segment them by any properties or events. It also allows to collect customers' emails and then use them in automatic and one-time e-mails to return clients.


The app has free and paid plans and free trial. 

Order Desk

With Order Desk you can view your order statistics at a glance. The Order Desk dashboard shows order counts and revenue from today, yesterday, last week, last month, and all time. Create a customized CSV format and you can export your own reports whenever you need them.

The app has free and paid plans

Track Your Store Sales in Facebook Messenger

 Connect your online store to Statiny Facebook Messenger chatbot and get notifications about new orders right on your mobile phone instantly. Stats contain the information related to orders made by returned or new customers, total order numbers per defined period of time, gross total and so on. Just ask bot! You can also ask the bot to schedule daily reports right on your smartphone: all the statistics will come to you once a day. Turn it on or off in the Statiny chatbot settings in Facebook Messenger.

The app has free and paid plans.

Squiz Reports

 Connect your online store to Squiz Reports! Choose the report type, choose who should receive them and you're set! You'll receive a Squiz report each day detailing your e-commerce stores performance for the previous day. You'll get comparative metrics to understand, at a glance, exactly how your store is performing. It's genius really.

The app has paid subscription plans.

Kliken Stats

 Connect your online store to Kliken Stats! Find out exactly where your store visitors are coming from and how they are finding you. See your top performing locations, channels, keywords and more.

Kliken Stats has an intuitive dashboard which tracks real time conversions, product and category sales, time to purchase and your online store revenue. Use these metrics to fine tune marketing efforts and identify areas of improvement for your business.

The app is totally free!

Create custom reporting tool connected with Ecwid by means of Ecwid API

If you need a custom sales reporting tool for your Ecwid store, you may want to consider creating a script that will use Ecwid API to obtain orders data and generate sales reports automatically in any format.

If you need help with the development of such a tool, you can contact our customization team:

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