How can I receive my money when an order comes?

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Ecwid itself and, in particular, your Ecwid account doesn't deal with your customers' money: Ecwid doesn't collect, held or process your money in any way. 

Instead, Ecwid integrates with a variety of payment gateways which make the payment transactions from your buyers to you. So, Ecwid serves as a transmitter in your transactions: it collects your customer's information, saves it for you to be able to see your customers and sales later, and passes it to special payment systems - third party payment gateways/processors that specialize in processing credit cards and provide security level required for storing and manipulating with such sensitive data. 

The process of withdrawal of money from that system will depend on the payment solution you choose - so you will need to contact your payment gateway (for example PayPal) to have your money transferred to your bank, if it is not set up to do so automatically. 

What you need to do is to setup payment methods that you want your customers to use in your storefront. For more details on payment processing and setting up payment options in your Ecwid store, please refer to the explanation here: Payment options.

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