Redirecting the "Continue Shopping" button to a custom URL

The "Continue shopping" ("Browse store") button appears on the cart page and “Thank you for your order” page. By default, the "Continue Shopping" button redirects to a category page or the store home page. Here is how it works:

  • If a customer adds a product to the cart and clicks the "Continue shopping" button, they are taken to the category page that the product belongs to.
  • If a customer goes to the cart page without adding any products and clicks "Browse store”, they are taken to the last visited category page or the store home page if they didn't visit any category pages.

You can change the "Continue shopping" button to send your customers to a custom page. For example, redirect customers to a category with your best sellers or a page on your website where you tell what’s new in your store.

To change the "Continue shopping" button redirect:

  1. Install free Custom URL for ‘Continue Shopping’ Buttons app from our App Market called.
  2. In the destination field, select whether you want to always open the Store Home page or a custom URL. If you choose the custom URL option, remember to specify the URL in the appeared field:

Redirecting Continue shopping button

  1. Click Save settings.

When changes are saved, the "Continue shopping" ("Browse store") button will always redirect customers to the page that you have specified.

Once you want to go back to the "Continue shopping" button’s default behavior, select the “Default” option in the app settings.

You can change the "Continue shopping" text on the button. To do it, use the Storefront Label editor.
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