Redirecting the "Continue Shopping" button to a custom URL

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The Continue Shopping buttons in Ecwid allow your customers to return to the product catalog from the non-catalog pages of your store (the Shopping bag page, the search results or the checkout pages) and continue browsing your products. The buttons work this way:

  • If a customer adds a product to the Shopping bag and clicks the Continue Shopping button, they are redirected to the category page, to which the product belongs;
  • If a customer opens the Shopping bag without adding any products to it and clicks the Continue Shopping button, they are redirected to the last visited category page or the Store home page if they didn't visit any category pages.

You may want to change this behaviour and redirect visitors to another page on click to the Continue Shopping button. For example, you can always redirect your customers to the Store home page or some particular category page like "Best sellers" or "Hot deals". 

Custom redirect for Continue Shopping buttons logo The application Custom URL for ‘Continue Shopping’ Buttons from Ecwid App Market will help you set the redirect URL of your choice for the Continue Shopping buttons right within your Ecwid Control Panel. No coding is required.


To change the default redirect URL for the Continue Shopping buttons:

  1. Install the application Custom URL for ‘Continue Shopping’ Buttons to your Ecwid Control Panel.
  2. Click Open app to access the settings.
  3. Select to what page you want to redirect your customers: Store Home page or Custom URL.

Select the destination page

  1. In case it's a Custom URL, enter the address of the page to the text field.

Enter the redirect URL

  1. Click Save settings

Now when a customer clicks on the Continue Shopping button, they will be directed to the page you specified.

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