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Today Ecwid backend (control panel) is translated into the following languages: 

  1. English (default language, enabled by default) 
  2. Russian 
  3. French 
  4. German 
  5. Italian 
  6. Dutch
  7. Spanish
  8. Brazilian Portuguese
  9. Indonesian
  10. Czech (beta)
  11. Hungarian
  12. Turkish (beta)
  13. Bulgarian (beta)
  14. Norwegian (beta)
  15. Swedish (beta)
  16. Danish (beta)
  17. Polish (beta)
  18. Finnish (beta)
  19. Japanese (beta)
  20. Thai (beta)
  21. Croatian (beta)

When you create new Ecwid account, the control panel will automatically choose the necessary language depending on your web browser settings.

In order to switch between the languages, you should open your control panel with a special URL. That’s simple: 

How can I translate Ecwid backend?

If you want to translate the Ecwid backend to a new language or you find any mistakes in the translations, please feel free to use our Ecwid Translation Tool.

Please, refer to the following article for more details: How can I contribute Ecwid translations?

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