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Selling on eBay

Ecwid merchants have an easy way to put products in front of a potential audience of 150 million buyers through the integration with eBay. eBay integration is available to Ecwid merchants from all around the world. To sell products on eBay, connect your store to it by using the Codisto LINQ app from Ecwid app market — you can access it in the Ecwid admin, Other Channels → eBayInstall the app, choose which products to upload to eBay and follow the Codisto's instruction on how to set up your listings. 

The Codisto app has a monthly fee and is available on Business and Unlimited plans.

How it works

Codisto is a third party service that helps sellers list their products on eBay and synchronize the sales with Ecwid. The Codisto feature list includes:

  • seamless products export from the Ecwid control panel; 
  • automatic sync of products inventory and orders;
  • export of product variations to eBay;
  • ability to sell on all eBay sites: US, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom and others;
  • custom page templates for product pages on eBay; 
  • easy setup of shipping, payment, and return policies straight from your Ecwid control panel (no need to visit the eBay dashboard);
  • ability to set up separate stock level and price for products exported to eBay;
  • ability to assign different eBay categories to different products;
  • tracking of customer feedback/messages in your control panel;
  • ability to export products to Amazon and eBay using the same app/dashboard.

How much does the new Codisto integration cost?

TRIAL: Codisto provides a 14-day free trial period. Being on the trial, you can export products to eBay and start selling.

SUBSCRIPTION: After the trial period, the app pricing starts at $29 per month. You will be charged monthly based on either the number of products listed on eBay or number of sales coming from eBay — you can select the option that suits your business most. See more details on the Codisto website.

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