How to change Continue Shopping buttons

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The Continue Shopping buttons in Ecwid are designed to allow your customers to return to the products catalog from the non-catalog pages of your store (cart, search, checkout) and to continue exploring and buying your products. The buttons work this way:

  • If customer adds a product to the bag and then clicks the Continue Shopping button, he is redirected to the category that the added product belongs to;
  • If customer opens the bag without adding products to it and then clicks the Continue Shopping button, he is redirected to the last visited category (or to the root 'store' category if he didn't visit any category before clicking the button).

You may consider changing the Continue Shopping buttons look and behavior in your store. This article explains how you can do that.

Changing the 'Continue shopping' buttons text.

Please refer to this article for the solution: How can I change or translate any text in my storefront?

Changing the design and text of Continue shopping button on the product details page

Please refer to this article: How to change style of your big Continue Shopping button?

Removing the continue shopping buttons

Please see this article: How to remove the Continue Shopping button?

Setting the continue shopping buttons to go to particular URL

Please see this article: How to direct 'Continue Shopping' button to custom URL? 

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