How to change "Add new address" image

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Your registered customers can select their shipping addresses by clicking "Address Book" button on the Shipping details page. They can either select the address from the ones recorded there, or add a new one by clicking this image:

If you would like to display your own image instead, please do the following:

  1. Download this image:
  2. Edit this image in any image editor
  3. Upload this image to your server or to any image hosting.
  4. Add the following CSS code to your Ecwid store:
    	div.ecwid-AddressBook-addButton {
    	background: transparent url(icons/addNewAddress.gif) no-repeat;
  5. Replace the "icons/addNewAddress.gif" with the real absolute path to the modified image. For example:
    url( For more details on how to add any CSS code to your store or create a custom CSS theme, refer to this article: CSS Faq 
  6. In order to change the "Add new Address" text properties, use this CSS code:
    div.ecwid-AddressBook-addButton div { color:%ANY COLOR%; //...other attributes }
    Instead of //...other attributes you can define the font properties, text alignment, etc.  
  7. To change the text that says "Add new address" to your own please add the following Javascript code to the same page you have your Ecwid widgets integration codes added to:
    ecwidMessages = {
    "AddressBook.new_address":"Add<br />new address"
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