VCS payment

Virtual Card Services is a Payment Service Provider for all the major banks in South Africa and for State Bank of Mauritius.

How to set up

In order to enable and use Virtual Card Services as a payment option, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to → Admin Login → Virtual Terminal → login → Merchant  Administration → 3. Vcs Interfacing (page 1).
  2. Go to the Merchant Administration → Callback Settings

  • Set the merchant’s approved and declined URLs to: (where STORE_ID is your Store ID).
  • Set CallBack Protocol to HTTPS
  • Set CallBack Method to POST
  • Set Response Format to Name Value Pairs
  • Save the changes. 
  1. Then please go to the Merchant Administration → 4. Vcs Interfacing (page2). Enter Merchant PAM. PAM stands for Personal Authentication Message, a security feature to confirm that the response is from VCS.
  2. Send an email to with your secret word and quoting your "VCS Terminal ID", requesting that the Hash Type be set to MD5.
  3. Go to Ecwid control panel → Payment. Select the Virtual Card Services payment processor for the Credit Card payment method. Save the changes.
  4. Click the Virtual Card Services "Account details" link. Enter your Terminal ID, Secret word and Merchant PAM. Save the changes and enable this payment method.
Please make sure that your store's currency is the same as your VCS account's one. Otherwise your payment gateway will not work.

How to test it

New merchants loaded on the VCS system have access to the VCS Test platform. VCS runs a response generator that has some fixed but mostly random responses.

Test Card Number  CVC & Expiry Date  Fixed simulated authorisation response 
4242424242424242  Use any CVC number,  e.g. 123.

Use any valid expiry date.

123456Approved where 123456 = any alphanumeric value


123456Approved where 123456 = any alphanumeric value

5221001010000024  Call 
5221001010000032  Invalid Expiry 
5221001010000040  No Active Connection to Acquirer exists 

Any valid credit card number can be submitted to the test platform during the test phase because no real money is involved. The following responses occur randomly with any other card number used:  "Invalid Terminal", "Declined", "Invalid Expiry", "Batch Full", "Call", "123456Approved".

Please ensure that sufficient testing has been completed before requesting activation as once a terminal has been activated it cannot be reset into Test status.
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