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  1. How to add my store to the website?
  2. I don’t see my Ecwid store after I added Ecwid integration code
  3. My store doesn’t display on HTTPS links to my website
  4. How do I add a minicart or a search to my website? is a free website service, which allows you to create and host a website in several clicks. Joomla templates are mobile-friendly, so you can be sure that your website will look great on any device, just like your Ecwid store.

How to add my store to the website?

If you use the downloadable version of Joomla CMS, please check the instructions on how to add Ecwid to your Joomla website. In case if you created your website in please proceed with the installation steps below.

How to add your store: 

1.  Go to your Ecwid control panel → All Sales Channels → Custom website and click Copy Code to Clipboard to get the integration code for your store:


2. Create a new article in your website in Content → Article manager → Add a new article. Then paste your Ecwid integration code into the article content.

This article page will be your Ecwid store page. ​

Save the changes.   

I don’t see my Ecwid store after I added the code

Joomla CMS has built in editors. So, when you add any custom HTML or Javascript code to your article, Joomla automatically cuts it off and as a result your store is not displayed.

You can easily fix this by disabling the default editor in your Joomla system configuration settings:
go to Your control panel and change the default editor to None in System → Global Configuration

Save the changes.

How do I add a minicart or a search to my website?

Ecwid integration code is a very fast way to add a store functionality to your website. However, as your store may grow, you will need some additional functionality, like search, categories or even a minicart. So how can we add them to the website as well?

Please follow these steps:

  1. Go to ExtensionsModule manager and add a new module;
  2. Specify its type to be Custom HTML;
  3. Paste the minicart integration code to its contents, make sure it goes through HTTPS;
  4. Specify the position of your module on the page, for example, Top right and save the changes. In the Menu assignment tab you can choose on what pages this module will appear

Save the changes and it’s done. Check out how your updated website looks.

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