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Allied Wallet offers customized payment solutions to businesses of any size. They provide payment processing services in 164 currencies, 196 countries, and nearly every payment method globally. Read more on their website

How to set up Allied Wallet in Ecwid?

Allied Wallet is set up in Ecwid via Authorize.Net SIM. Please, follow these instructions:

  1. Register Merchant account on Allied Wallet website:
  2. Go to Ecwid Control panel → Settings → Payment → Payment methods.
  3. Click Change link in Payment processor column next to next to a payment method you don’t use and in opened drop-down menu select Credit Card: Authorise.Net SIM:

Payment processor

  1. You will see a window with these fields:

window with these fields

API Login Id: Here you should put the details in the following order and separate them by | with NO SPACES:

QuickpayID|QuickpayPassword|SiteID|ECWID StoreID|HashValue

The following details you can get from your Allied Wallet account → Merchant Setup/Merchant Users:

  • QuickpayUserID
  • QuickpayPassword
  • SiteID

ECWID StoreID – you can see it at the left bottom corner of your Control panel, check more here.

HashValue – make up any value here. NOTE: you will have to enter the same value in the next field called MD5 Hash Value.

Example: beequickpay|ver2000|3|ECWIDStore|this is a test

MD5 Hash Value: enter the Hash value that you created at the end of the API Login Id.

Transaction Key: Allied Wallet doesn’t use Transaction Key, yet this field cannot be left empty. You can put here any value.

  1. Click on Advanced settings and change the Endpoint URL to
  2. Make sure that new payment method is enabled and save changes.
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