Displaying mini view instead of normal view cart in Joomla

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The Ecwid minicart widget can be displayed in different modes. But when adding Ecwid store in Joomla with the 'RokEcwid' extension, the corresponding 'RokEcwid Mini-cart' module doesn't allow to select a desired mode - the default mode ('normal view') is always set. In order to get another views you can consider a workaround - creating your own module in your Joomla back-end and insert the widget code manually. Here is how it can be done:

1. In the module manager (Extensions → Module Manger), create a new module with the 'Custom HTML text' type:

2. On the module settings page, select pages and a position in your site template where you want the widget to be displayed. Each Joomla site has its own templates, menus and other elements, so it is up to you what position you choose for it. You will be able to set some additional parameters for created module there as well:

3. Below the module settings, you can see the 'Custom output' field, where you can insert your custom widget code. For example, in order to use the minicart widget in 'Mini Fixed' mode you will need to copy the corresponding widget code and paste it in that 'Custom output' field:

Note: switch the editor to the HTML mode, i.e. disable the WYSIWYG mode (must-do). Please click the 'Toggle editor' button to do that. If the text editor doesn't allow you to insert javascript code, you can install another editor, for example this one:


That's all. After clicking the 'Save' button, a new module will be published. The widget's code will be automatically added to your site. If, however, the widget doesn't appear after the described actions, please check the following module settings:

- status (should be 'Published'),
- access (should be 'Public'),
- position (you should choose a position which is displayed somewhere on your site),
- module assignment (if no pages are selected there, the module will never be displayed).

As a result, the minicart in mini fixed mode will be displayed on your site:

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