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Ecwid partnership programs

Ecwid offers three ways to grow your business and generate new revenue. No matter who you are — a big enterprise, a small company, a freelance developer, or a designer, you can benefit from a partnership with Ecwid. Depending on your goals and the size of your company, we offer a suitable option for you:

  • Referral program: for agencies, freelance developers, designers, and anyone who builds websites for a living. You can refer your customers to Ecwid and receive a commission for their subscription.
  • Reseller program: for companies and enterprises, such as site builders, who want to resell Ecwid to their clients at their own price and under their own brand.
  • Developers’ program: for the app developers who would like to develop and offer apps for Ecwid sellers. 

To become an Ecwid partner, choose one of the programs depending on your needs, sign up, and start earning your revenue share.

Referral program

If you are a freelance designer, a developer, or someone who loves Ecwid and wants to spread the word - while earning money, you can sign up for the Ecwid WebPartner program. You’ll become our affiliate partner and will receive a 20% revenue share for customers referred to Ecwid.

Here is how it works. You can refer your clients, followers, or friends to Ecwid and get a kickback from us for every paid plan signup.

Joining the program is simple:

  1. Fill in the signup form for the partner program.
  2. Get the special tracking links for your customers.
  3. Share them with your clients.
  4. Get a 20% commission for all clients who signed up for one of the Ecwid paid plans using your tracking link.

If you have already registered an Ecwid store, there's no need to signup for a program to get a referral link. You can always access the link from your Ecwid admin → Refer a Friend:


Getting paid

When clients upgrade to any of Ecwid’s premium plans: Venture, Business or Unlimited, you receive a 20% commission of the subscription fees that your referral customers pay to Ecwid.

Your commission payouts will be transferred to your PayPal account; you can withdraw it every month provided the sum reaches $100 in total earnings. If the monthly commission payout is less than $100, you can withdraw it the following month.

Reseller program

You can resell Ecwid to your clients as a professional e-commerce solution. The Ecwid reseller program lets you:

  • set any price for e-commerce you want; your revenues are not limited in any way;
  • sell under your own brand; a white-label solution allows you to feature your brand name and logos on the store account and login pages;
  • manage all your clients' accounts easily from one dashboard;
  • rely on a secure, hosted, and automatically updated cloud solution.

Depending on the size of your business and the features you need, you can choose one of three partnership options.

  • Silver: allows you to resell Ecwid as a private-label product with a basic partner dashboard for store management and a discount on subscription plans.
  • Gold: gives access to Partner API for automated setup and management, custom WordPress plugin, priority support, and a discount on store subscription plans.
  • Enterprise: suits large companies seeking a customized business solution, such as site builders, hosting companies, telcos, point-of-sale, and payment providers.

Learn more and sign up

Partnership fees

There are two types of payments you’ll make within the partnership program depending on the partnership level and features you'd like to have.

Annual fees

When you join the program, you'll pay a partnership fee based on the partnership level you have chosen:

Partnership level Annual fee
Silver $299 per year
Gold $899 per year
Enterprise Partnership fee is negotiable

Monthly fees

In addition to the annual fees, each month you’ll be charged for all your clients’ active paid plans at a discounted partner rate depending on your partnership level.

The subscription prices for Enterprise partners are negotiable based on the number of stores and minimum revenue commitments.

Developers’ program

If you are a developer, you can create your own app and sell it to Ecwid merchants all over the world.

Ecwid has a powerful and intuitive API with varied features to make your app development smooth and easy. Also, the Ecwid Apps team will provide timely help and suggestions at any step and will help you launch the app to real users.

To get started:

  1. Go through the registration process to open an Ecwid account.
  2. Develop your app.
  3. Contact the Ecwid team to submit it for review when the app is ready.
  4. Fill in the app details page which you’ll receive from the Ecwid team.
  5. Make the app public.

Your revenue share

You’ll get 80% of all net app revenues sent to your PayPal account quarterly.
Ecwid will report monthly numbers of installs and revenue to you at your specified email address.


How do I access my WebPartner account?

When you sign up for the program, you get access to the Ecwid WebPartner Dashboard. Log in with the email you used to register your account and the password that you received after the registration. You will be able to view your customers, the fees they have paid, and the commissions you have earned per customer.

Can I change my tracking link?

By default all referral links have the following format: Such links redirect customers to the Ecwid homepage: However, you can direct customers to any custom page you'd like by adding a deep link to your referral URL. To achieve this, you can use the following URL format:, where ‘XXXYY’ is your unique referral code and ‘YOUR_CUSTOM_PAGE’ is the URL of the page that will be shown to the customers.

For instance, you can redirect merchants to the:

  • Russian version of the Ecwid website:
  • The Ecwid main login page, where they can register a new store directly:
  • Any other page of your choice

How do I track my commissions?

To view all commissions you have earned, you need to sign in to your WebPartner Account and open the Commissions tab. Under the Revenue column, you’ll see the fee amount paid by your referral customer, and under the Commission column you’ll see your earned commission amount.

What if my referral customer didn’t use the affiliate link when registering a store?

The Ecwid WebPartner Program states that the account must be registered through your Ecwid referral link to be recognized as your referral customer. This is a vital part of the referral system we use. Putting a store that did not register through your WebPartner referral link onto the list of your WebPartner referrals goes against the rules of the Ecwid WebPartner program.

Please, make sure that your referral customers register their account through your special affiliate links so that they will be tied to your partner account.

What if I didn’t receive a commission for my referral customer’s payment?

Most likely, your referral customer’s account has not been registered through your affiliate link and the system is unable to track their payments and credit commissions to you.

Please provide us with your referral’s store ID and your WebPartner email that you used to sign up in the program, and we will look for possible problems with your affiliate. You can contact us through any support channel.

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