What requirements does Ecwid have for hosting?

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Ecwid is a SaaS solution which stands for Software as a Service. In short, this means that your Ecwid shop and all its data is stored and processed on our own servers (we use Amazon Web Services for that). Ecwid does not use or consume resources of the server that runs your website.

The main advantage of this approach is that all software updates/upgrades/fixes are delivered automatically to your Ecwid store by our team. Security of your data is also our major daily concern and is handled by us as well. We take care of all the technical aspects so that you could focus on selling online.

You can use Ecwid with any site/hosting that allows embedding HTML/Javascript code (and even open an online store if you don't have a website/hosting with our Starter Site yet). So you should be choosing the hosting based on the requirements of your website's engine and other services that you are going to use and run on your webpages.

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