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Reviews and ratings are good tool to get instant feedback on your products from customers. Moreover, good reviews can create a buzz around your products, especially when shared in social networks, which results in attracting more customers and increasing sales.

In Ecwid you can add the ability to rate your products and leave reviews with the help of apps featured in Ecwid App Market.


Product Reviews by Stamped.io

Stamped.io allows you to automatically send emails to your customers requesting reviews of their recent purchase. Customers can send review directly from their email. This means the customers wouldn't need to be directed to your website to write a review, they simply do it via the email. This convenience increases the conversion rate by as much as 300% in reviews received!

The app is paid with free trial.

Product Reviews and Q&A by HelpfulCrowd

HelpfulCrowd helps you sell more by collecting, curating and sharing your best Product Reviews and Q&A.

HelpfulCrowd automatically collects verified product reviews after customers have purchased so you can curate and share them from either the Ecwid or HelpfulCrowd control panels. HelpfulCrowd also gives visitors the opportunity to ask questions from the product details pages. Answers are email directly to their inbox as well as being displayed on the storefront.

The app has free and paid features.

Service reviews by Trustami

With Trustami you collect your distributed ratings and reviews in one place and convince more customers of your excellent online reputation.

Build trust through your ratings and reviews. Publish all of them on your profile and choose which information is publicly available. You can show or hide single networks in order to promote your latest ratings and reviews.

The app has free and paid features.


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