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What is Ecwid Channel Partnership program?

Channel Partnership program provides our partners with a quick and easy way to add high class e-commerce solution into existing products or services. We provide set of tools that make Ecwid seamlessly fit into your existing products and provide your customers with advanced e-commerce features while keeping existing customer’s experience.

Is this program suitable for me?

The Channel Partnership program conditions are designed to give your business enough time to achieve planned sales volume. However certain minimal volume of deployment is required. You should expect to deploy 500 - 1 000 web stores per year to make commercial success.

Do you offer White label option?

Yes. White label is available as an option for Channel Partnership program.  You can market web stores based on Ecwid platform under your own brand. For complete transparency we will match color scheme of Ecwid control panel with your corporate design and brand it with your logos. Control panel and widgets will be served from your domain name. 

How can I integrate Ecwid with my products and services?

Ecwid control panel can be included into your backend as a widget so your customers will manage e-commerce features from the same place where they control other features of your products. We also recommend implementing Single Sign On feature for extra transparency. You can insert control panel as one widget or split it in several subpanels each responsible for managing specific part of online store.

How will I provision and manage web stores for my customers?

For participants of Channel Partners program we provide access to Partner API and web based Reseller Control Panel.

Partner API is RESTful programmatic interface you can use to automatically provision/suspend web stores, change plans for web stores, get relevant statistics, provide Single Sign On for your customers and do other routine tasks. You can also manually manage Ecwid web stores with web based Reseller Control Panel.

Who will bill my customers?

When participating in Channel Partner program you will bill your customers yourself using any suitable payment method. You should also track customer payments and deactivate web stores that are no longer used. We will bill you monthly based on the number of web stores used in the previous month.  

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