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Ecwid is an awesome tool to add an e-commerce functionality to your DotNetNuke site. Ecwid is very different from usual DotNetNuke shopping carts and has a couple of advantages.

The store is displayed on the website as its integral part. But it utilizes the power of Amazon servers for storing and generating the content. Ecwid store is fast, no matter what hosting you use for the website or how many visitors you get.

The store is seamlessly upgraded by Ecwid team. Getting the new features has never been easier! No coding, patching or other time-consuming work is required. We do all the technical work and you get the new features and functions out of the box.

The store doesn't depend on your DotNetNuke website version. Feel free to upgrade your site, it will not break Ecwid store in any way.  

Visit our website to read more about Ecwid features.

To start using Ecwid you need to create an account. You can sign up at Then you can add your Ecwid store to your DotNetNuke website.

There are two different ways to do this: 

  • Use Expasys Ecwid Shopping Cart extension (developed by Expasys). This extension includes some additional features, for example Single Sign-On
  • Manual installation. This way is possible, although not recommended. We'd rather suggest using the extension listed above. 

Expasys Ecwid Shopping Cart extension

If you want to add a shopping cart to your DotNetNuke site, please purchase and use this extension.

Manual installation

If for some reason you cannot use the ready extension, you can install Ecwid store manually.

Log into your Ecwid Control Panel, go to Dashboard and copy the integration codes. Create a new page on your website, pull it for editing and publish the integration codes in it. 

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