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In August 2014 we released the new improved order statuses for all Ecwid stores. The new scheme of order statuses was developed to provide clear and definite information about the state of the order and help to improve store management processes. The two brand new statuses - Refunded and Returned, were added and enabled for all Ecwid users automatically. We also renamed some of the existing statuses to make them more clear and user-friendly.

How to switch to the updated statuses?

All users who created their stores before the updated statuses were released have an option to activate/deactivate the renamed labels in Ecwid control panel. To enable the updated order statuses in your store:
- Login to your Ecwid control panel
- Go to Settings -> What's new page
- Tick "Improved order statuses" option and save the changes

New users who register after the release date have all the new and renamed statuses automatically enabled in their stores. 

What has changed?

​The changes include renaming of some of the order payment and fulfillment status labels.

Payment statuses

  • Queued is renamed to Awaiting Payment
  • Accepted is renamed to Paid
  • Declined is renamed to Cancelled. In other words, Declined is "merged" into Cancelled so the new status for the both corresponding states will say Cancelled 
  • Chargeable is renamed to Awaiting Payment. In other words, Chargeable will not exist as a separate status and will be replaced by the 'Awaiting Payment' (former Queued) status.

Fulfillment statuses

  • New is renamed to Awaiting Processing

More details about Ecwid order statuses: Order statuses.

Will this change influence the already placed orders I have in my control panel?

The order statuses will be renamed for all orders. You will be able to see the updated clear and user-friendly statuses in your control panel right after you switch to the improved scheme. At the same time all the orders details, including orders information and clients details will be kept intact. 

So we highly recommend to switch to the new improved statuses in your Ecwid store. This will allow you to gain better user experience and be ready for the future features and improvements in Ecwid related to orders and their statuses.

What about third-party applications and Ecwid API?

The changes are fully backward-compatible in terms of all Ecwid APIs, i.e. API methods currently used in the third-party applications will continue working as usual. So the changes will not break any third party apps connected to your  Ecwid store. 

All existing Ecwid API methods and functionality continue working. Ecwid APIs support the two new statuses Refunded and Returned, as well as the renamed status keys as aliases to the old ones. Please, find more details here: 

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