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Launching your online store couldn’t be simpler — just add a few lines of code to your site or to your page in social network and your store appears there immediately. 

In this article you will find the essential information for starting your online store with Ecwid. For details on managing your online store please, refer to this article: About Ecwid

To learn the basics of Ecwid structure check this article: How Ecwid works 

Creating an account

To begin you need to create a free Ecwid account. You can either enter a new username/password or log in via social login using your Facebook, Google or PayPal account. 

Is there a trial period?

Ecwid has no trial period, which means that you can use Ecwid for free as long as you wish. The free account provides you with features, enough to open a live store. 

If your business requires more features or you need to add more products (the limit on the Free plan is 10 products) you can upgrade to one of the Ecwid paid plans any time.  

What upgrade options do I have?

Ecwid has three paid plans, each available for monthly or annual subscription:

- Venture plan costs $15/mo or $150/year

- Business plan costs $35/mo or $350/year

- Unlimited plan costs $99/mo or $990/year
Check this page to compare Ecwid plans: 

How can I upgrade my account?

You can upgrade your account at any time right from your control panel. Just follow these easy steps:

  • log in to your Ecwid control panel at If you have several stores, please make sure that you're logged in to the account you want to upgrade
  • go to My Profile → Billing and Plans  page
  • click "Switch" link next to the plan you want to switch to.
  • choose the type of subscription →Monthly or Annual
  • choose the way you want to pay →with credit/debit card or with your PayPal account
  • enter your card details or pay with PayPal account. After you complete the payment you will see the status of your upgraded store.

How do I pay for my account?

Ecwid allows to subscribe to any of its paid plans using debit/credit card or via your PayPal account. Once you subscribe to a paid plan, the payment is taken from the card or Paypal account you use, and after that your card or PayPal account will be charged automatically charged on every subscription due date. We use the Braintree payment gateway for secure recurring transactions. So you do not have to remember to pay for the paid plan for your account, as the subscription renews automatically. 

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription for the paid plan at any time. In order to do it, please go to your Ecwid control panel -> My profile -> Billing and Plans and click the "Switch" link next to Free plan in the plans list. The downgrade takes immediate effect. Please note that the Free plan has a limit of 10 products, so if you have more products, you will need to delete them. 

What is your refund policy?

We do not provide refunds for paid accounts. They're non-refundable.

Ecwid has free accounts with no time limits. They have all the features necessary to run a web store. We believe they're enough to check if Ecwid suits you needs and if you need a paid account.

Check this page for more details on billing in Ecwid: Billing questions 

Adding Ecwid store to your site

Ecwid structure allows it to be integrated in any existing site by adding a few lines of HTML/Javascript code.

Is there a guide I can use to set up my store?

Once you register an account with Ecwid you will get access to the control panel at On Dashboard page of your control panel you can find onboarding wizard which guides you through all the necessary setup steps. Find more details on store setup here: Ecwid 101: How To Create An Online Store For Free In 5 Minutes 

How can I manage my store? 

All the store information and settings are managed from your control panel at There you can add products, categories, update shipping and payment settings, manage your orders. 

Can I customize the look of my store?

Ecwid allows you to change the look of your store to match the design of your site. Find the details and instructions here: How to change Ecwid design

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